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WP CODA Green free WordPress theme

wp-coda-green-preview WP CODA Green free WordPress theme is based on the WP CODA theme by Greg Johnson. WP CODA itself was created to “mimic the functionality of the very popular Coda website. WP CODA Green is ideal choice for green and environmental microsites. WP CODA Green focuses your visitors’ attention on the content. Even if you don’t have a lot of content to put on the website your website will look professional.

Unlike the WP CODA original theme, I managed to fix weird tabs display in IE6. Also the size of images and scripts is reduced significantly (this means that WP CODA Green will load much faster than original). I tweaked and twisted WP CODA to my taste. There’s bigger header now and no big tabs with bubbles in the header. I also removed integrated Fancybox so you can use whatever Lightbox Javascript you want.

The theme is distributed AS IS. No free support is provided. You can hire me if you’d like to make some customization to this theme.


Installation Instructions

1. Download and extract
2. Upload the WP CODA Green theme to the wp-content\themes folder on your WordPress installation.
3. Activate the WP CODA Green theme from your WordPress admin panel.

Usage Notes

  • WP CODA Green only displays Pages, not Posts. You can change this by opening up wp-coda/home.php and changing the post_type from page to post on line 2
  • WP CODA Green displays content tabs by ‘Page Order’. This behavior can be changed by changing the order parameter in the same place mentioned above.
  • WP CODA Green ’s behavior is handled with the query_posts() function. For more information, go to the WordPress codex page dedicated to query_posts()

WP CODA Green is released under the same Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license as WP Coda. If you appreciate the work I’ve done please leave the footer link intact.

Everything needed to run WP CODA Green is included in the installation package.

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