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What Is New In Photoshop CC?

There are some improvements in the Photoshop CC for photographers. These improvements include some additional features that you will enjoy if you will upgrade to the new versions. It has some new additions and an update that can be interesting to a photographer. Here are some of the amazing new features that you will enjoy:

The new version has the ability to apply changes to an image from the inside Photoshop which could be made previously    with the ACR (Adobe Camera Raw). The filters in the new camera raw will allow you to apply the ACR edits to a smart object layer in Photoshop. This is great as it will make all the available tools in the Photoshop to be used as editable filters. For you to access this feature, you choose filter then go to Camera Raw Filter.

Another amazing new feature is the ability to square up objects with upright. When you have the Photoshop CC, then you will have access to upright in ACR. The upright tool allows you to automatically remove the key distortions and to straighten an image which is apparent while shooting tall buildings.

Besides, this new Photoshop has the ability to fix blurry images. This is done by the new shake reduction filter which is found in this Photoshop. It may not fix all the blurred images but it can fix very well those captured in adequate light with a zoom lens. Moreover, it can help to sharpen the text in the images so that they can appear clearer. To find this feature, you choose filter then sharpen and finally choose on shake reduction.

With Photoshop CC, you can access the improved Spot Removal Tool. This can be used to select an element found in an image for the purpose of fixing. It works like a paintbrush. It makes it easier to be used in cases where the problem cross section is not circular. Moreover, there is the radial gradient tool that will allow you to add a radial gradient to your image hence apply fixes and the creative effects.

Another amazing feature of the new Photoshop is the adaptive wide angle filter. This will allow you to remove all the problems that were encountered while shooting with the wide angle lenses. To use this feature, you choose filter, then go to the adaptive wide angle. From the problem drop down list, you choose the problem to rectify. You can set the sliders for crop factor and the Focal length to remove distortions in the images. Moreover, you can draw on the image so as to add the required constraints.

Finally, with the Photoshop CC , you can use the adobe exchange feature. Once you download and install the adobe exchange panel, then you can comfortably use it in your Photoshop. To use it, you will go to windows, and then choose on the extensions menu. That’s where you will find the adobe exchange from the drop down list. This feature includes a producer panel where you can access your plugins, brushes, extensions, templates, swatches, actions, fonts, styles and any other amazing content that can improve the functionality of the creative suite and the creative cloud applications.

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