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Top 10 Web Design Elements: Current Trends vs. Past

web design elementsWhat are the current trends in using web design elements? How far modern web design trends went from the past? I looked through hundreds of both very popular and niche blogs, corporate websites, start ups. I handpicked web design elements dominating at the moment. They look even more interesting in comparison with the past web design trends. Please add in the comments your examples and elements you think should be included in this list.

Web Design elements: current trends

    1. Green grass, leaves and trees

Have you seen any site on environment topic which doesn’t use this web design element? Recently it became trendy to use it on all kinds of websites not just green ones. Sites which are using green grass, leaves or trees as web design element:,,
green grass webdesign

    1. User icons

User icons as main web design graphic element are used not only on social media websites but on every website which would like to emphasize its user base or community size. Sites which are using user icons as web design element: Facebook, Newsgator,
user icon webdesign

    1. Slideshow

Corporate websites are using slideshow on the main page to display featured products while blogs and news sites are using it to feature posts. Sites which are using slideshow as web design element: ATT, Dell.
slideshow webdesign element

    1. Made up character

More and more sites are using some fairy tale or fantasy character to stand out. Sites which are using made up character as web design element:,,
made up character webdesign

    1. Big vibrant icons

Some websites are fully packed up with a number of icons, do visitors love them? Sites which are using Big vibrant icons as web design element:,,
big icons webdesign element

    1. Bonus. White/gray space

You can hardly find any big site which uses for background any color except white. Sometimes the only difference between very similar looking websites is its logo. Examples:,,,
white space webdesign element

Web Design elements: past trends

    1. Smiling business people

Smiling business people was the most common image on almost every corporate website. Sites which are still using smiling business people as web design element: UBS, Mailermailer,
smiling businessmen webdesign element

    1. Globe

Globe image as a symbol of international operations was very popular some time ago. Sites which are still using globe as web design element:,
globe webdesign element

    1. Puzzle

Symbol of the whole and its parts, as well as unknown, puzzle is still used as a web design element. Sites which are using puzzle as web design element: Wikipedia, Firefox addons.
puzzle webdesign element

    1. Light bulb

Symbol of creativity, new idea or just utilities is also remains as quite widely used web design element. Sites which are using light bulb as part of their design:,
light bulb webdesign element

    1. Gears

If there’s a need to show any process, gears is fail free choice of many web designers. Check out:, websites.
gears webdesign element

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