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Topaz Adjust Photoshop Plugin Review

topaz adjustTopaz Adjust is a Photoshop plugin that lets you make gorgeous looking HDR photos just from one image. Besides HDR look Topaz Adjust lets you create high contrast, ultra sharp looking images similar to Dave Hill look photo effect. In general, Topaz Adjust provides powerful control over image exposure, detail (or better say microcontrast), and color which you can use either in creative way (create from original image something completely different looking) or use it slightly to correct your photo and make it pop.

The Topaz Adjust UI is very simple and intuitive. Topaz Adjust comes with tens of presets. You can add to the 23 provided presets by saving your own settings or importing others from the Topaz online community. It shows how given combination of settings will affect your photo as thumbnail along left side and a preview in the right. Clicking thumbnail will apply chosen preset to the image almost instantly.

topaz adjust ui

After you applied any of the presets you can tweak the setting to your taste. You have 4 main tabs (and many sliders inside each) to play with: Exposure, Detail, Color and Noise. Context-sensitive hints, which pop up whenever you hover your mouse over a slider control or button, are very helpful to learn what each and every setting is supposed to do. There is also option to save temporary snapshots and compare two groups of settings.

Topaz Adjust: before

Topaz Adjust: after
topaz adjust hdr

New version of Topaz Adjust, Topaz Adjust 4 features wide variety of new customizable presets that range from mild to extreme, a completely redesigned and improved user interface, and upgraded image processing algorithms. Topaz Adjust 4 uses unique technology that automatically adapts to different image conditions like light, detail, and color.

Topaz Adjust: before
topaz adjust before

Topaz Adjust: after
topaz adjust after

Some technical specification of Topaz Adjust: It supports smart filters and both 8-bit and 16-bit RGB color modes, MAC and Windows versions are available. Topaz Adjust also supports Windows 64 bit and is optimized for multiple CPUs.

Verdict: taking into consideration its fantastic features, ease of use and bargained price ($49.99) Topaz Adjust is highly recommended for anyone who is working with creative photography and photo post production.

Topaz Adjust is also included in the Topaz Photoshop Bundle ($299.99), a complete solution for all of your post processing needs.

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