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Top Gaming Free Software to develop your game

Have you always had a brilliant game idea that you would like to develop? You will be happy to hear that there have been many advances in the world of game creation. Today, anyone with decent developing skills can create a game. Creating your own game is not easy if you have never done it before, you can therefore check online for a list of gaming schools where you can learn more about developing games. Some of the free tools to help you develop your own game include:


Sploder is a game creation tool that has five individual tools within its set up. The web-based software allows you to create games with your own art assets, various levels and controlling the enemies in the game. To use this free software, you need to create a free account online and you can share your game for other users to play. This software is based on Flash and uses an easy drag and drop interface. It is an ideal tool for first time game makers.

Game maker studio

Gaming Free Software can speed up your development time by 80% compared to coding a game from scratch. The software has a built-in scripting language that you can use to create game applications that are compliant with platforms such as Android, iOs, windows and HTML5 for loading the game on the web. This flexible software can create different genres of games and you can pay for even more features in the software.

Construct 2

This is a free, flexible and uncluttered gaming development software ideal for the development of 2D games. Construct 2 is also a great tool for beginners in game development since it uses drag-and-drop functionality. You can use it for HTML5 game creation for games loaded on Facebook, Firefox and chrome. Experienced game developers also use Construct 2 to develop prototypes of game ideas. There are also paid versions of this software for greater functionality.

Unity 3D

The Unity 3D game development software supports a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac, iOs, PS, Xbox and Android among others. This software development is great for beginners as well as experienced game developers. It has an asset store where users create assets for game developers to import into their projects and this speeds up the development time impressively. The free version of the software is packed with many features that are more than enough to kick off the game development process.

Adventure Game Studio

Adventure Game studio is a genre specific tool used for creating traditional 2d point and click games. The adventure genre of games is great as a story-telling medium and there are quite a number of games that have been created using this gaming software. Unfortunately, Adventure Gaming Studio is not as intuitive as the other types of software; therefore, a little more proficiency in game development is necessary to use this software. Mid-level to professional game developers can use this software.

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