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Top 10 iPhone Photo Apps

Since the introduction of the Apple iStore, the iPhone has become a much more valuable commodity than just a simple phone. It is a device with which users can organise their lives, network with friends and store precious memories in the form of photographs. With the high-resolution and easy to use interface that the in-built iPhone camera offers users, even the most amateur of photographers can shoot photographs of the highest quality.

For those who want to get the most out of their photos, there are also a number of iPhone photo apps that allow for touching up, filtering and all manner of other weird and wonderful editing tricks. Here is a list of the top 10 iPhone photo apps currently available on iStore.

Camera+​ – tap tap tap
Camera+ is one of the biggest players when it comes to iPhone photo apps. Offering a wide range of lenses, filters and contrast features, the Camera+ app allows users to improve the quality of their photographs with just a few simple clicks. Among the most useful benefits, especially for the more casual iPhone photographer, are the anti-shake mode and exposure features, which can help add a whole new dimension to even the most basic of pictures.

Filterstorm – Tai Shimizu
Often referred to as the Adobe Photoshop-light of the iPhone, Filterstorm is a must for those who like to edit photographs to their maximum potential. All the basic editing tools and features are here, making the Filterstorm the ideal iPhone photo app for those who like to get their editing done quickly and easily. However, for an app called “Filterstorm” the choice of filters is surprisingly low. Then again, if you just want to a quick adjustment in terms of brushes, noise reduction or cloning, then this among the best iPhone photo apps available.

Grungetastic HD – JixiPix Software
As the name suggests, the Grungetastic app allows users to add a certain “grunge” quality to their snaps. This is ideal for those who enjoy playing with textures and effects, and it is possible to make your photos look like a Van Gough painting of a rock club (if that’s your thing!) The one downside to the app it is that sifting through the sheer number of textures and effects can sometimes be a little laborious compared to some other iPhone photo apps.

Instagram – Burbn, Inc.
Although one of the more basic iPhone photo apps, Instagram is possibly one of the most popular amongst iPhone photographers. One reason for this might well be because it is free, but the main reason is that Instagram offers more than its fair share of filters that can really help add some flair to even the most basic shots. Forever improving and updating, Instagram may be limited in its editing uses, but it certainly makes the most of what it has in terms of adding a little flair to your photographs.

Iris Photo Suite – Pranav Kapoor
Not unlike Filterstorm, Iris Photo Suite is considered by many to be the one of the must-have iPhone photo apps for those who are serious about editing on their iPhones. Offering users features such as texture layering, colour replacement and various exposure functions, Iris Photo Suite offers users all the editing software they need. However, whereas it betters Filterstorm in terms of features, it slightly falls behind in its interface, which some times can be a little difficult to navigate due to the volume of functions available.

Magic Shutter – Anistar Studio
For all its plus points, one common grumble amongst iPhone users is the camera’s inability to capture good night-time shots. This is where the Magic Shutter app comes in handy. Allowing users to record light for longer period of time, iPhone photographers can capture stylish looking shots by playing with different exposures. Although it offers a rather limited number of functions and is one of the more tricky iPhone photo apps to master, the Magic Shutter is ideal for photographers who like to snap their pictures after the sun goes down.

Pano – Debacle Software
Offering users the chance to create high resolution (800×6800) panoramic pictures, the Pano app is considered by many to be the best among a wide range of panoramic shooting iPhone photo apps available from the Apple iStore. The Pano app allows you to take up to 16 pictures (either portrait or landscape) and automatically “stitches” them together to create one, high resolution panoramic scene. Regularly updated with new features and shooting tools, this really is the best panoramic app on the market.

Perfect Photo – MacPhun LLC
Perfect Photo is one of the most populal iPhone photo apps for anyone looking to make some basic editing touches to their photographs. Offering rudimentary features such as red eye removal and basic airbrushing tools, the app may not be quite as in depth as Filterstorm or Iris Photo Suite, but it certainly has enough to keep casual users more than satisfied.

ShakeItPhoto – Banana Camera Co.
The ShakeItphoto is very much a one trick app, but the one trick it does have is very cool. Allowing users to shoot Polaroid style photos that appear to develop themselves live on your phone screen. The final product is a replica of a classic Polaroid print and the more you shake your phone, the faster the image develops. Those looking for any further features will be a little disappointed, but for those who just want to add a retro touch to their pics, the ShakeItPhoto app is the ideal download.

SketchMee – Studio Mee
Although there are a large array of “sketch” style apps available on iStore, SketchMee probably just edges the rest in terms of performance. Like other apps that fall into this genre, the SketchMee app allows you to make your images look as if they have been drawn rather than photographed. However, unlike some of its competitors, the app offers a wide range of texture tools and the chance to print even small, low resolution pictures in a full size, high resolution format if you wish. For these reasons alone, the SketchMee app is one the most functional “sktech” style iPhone photo apps on today’s market.

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