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Top 10 inspiration tips for graphic designer

Inspiration tipsAre you looking for inspiration and have no idea? Do you can’t get in a creative flow and can’t think of alternative to routine solutions? Try these advices. I picked out 10 most interesting and useful inspiration tips from 60 sources of inspiration for Photography and applied them to graphic design.

1. Play with color, textures and your favorite software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel)
Every tutorial can be a valuable source of inspiration; just don’t pick too hard or too easy ones.

2. Watch a movie
I prefer myself science fiction and fantasy movies as sources of new ideas. But other genres will do as well. Do you remember fun with colors in Matador?

3. Visit the zoo
The animals and pets always bring positive feelings to us and watching them you can easily work out your duty.

4. Visit an exhibition
I always collect calendars, booklets and other promo production visiting such exhibitions. Well, I am not going to steal somebody’s ideas, just look for a brand new view.

5. Browse Google images, Flickr, stock photos sites
Very often I find eye catching design works and inspiration accidentally or by searching different keywords on the given topic of future design work.

6. Change your angle and time
It is rather difficult to have always a fresh look on things, so ask your colleagues, friends or family to brainstorm. Try to generate some ideas in the evening though you usually do it in the morning.

7. Read and write blogs
While it seems to be obvious, a lot of people find inspirations in reading and writing blogs. I should say, it’s great to have a blog. I learn a lot of useful things planning posts for Graphic design for life.

8. Join contests
Contests give you topic, motivation and excitement. In addition you can have look at all possible answers to one question.

9. Ask “What if…?”
If Angelina Jolie would be a man and we leave on Mars instead of Earth? Just asking such a questions boost you creativity. Try to ask yourself more specific questions.

10. Define the perfect design
The more real is perfect design in your head, the better you can them implement it in real design work.

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