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TinEye: identify image usage on the web

TinEye image search engineNow you don’t need to use watermarks to protect your photo on the web. TinEye is the image search engine which use image identification technology to tell you where and how image appears all over the web – even if it has been cropped or heavily modified. Using pattern recognition algorithms, TinEye creates a unique ‘fingerprint’ for each image. When you submit an image to TinEye, it compares its fingerprint is with TinEye search index. As a result you get a detailed list of any websites using that image. Each match details image format, its size and domain and pages where the image appears. It shows also which changes are made to the image.You can install Firefox plugin and right click on any web image to search it.

TinEye image search could be very useful for anyone who is licensing their images, needs to track image usage or uncover unauthorized image use. With TinEye you can research products using a product photo, research corporate imagery or brand usage online and search for your images to see where they are being used.

Idee Inc., the developer of TinEye licensed its Image Identification Technology to Digg, Getty Images, Adobe, Agence France-Presse.

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