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SMAC for Business, What is the entire buzz which surrounds it?


Information technology architecture is currently going through its fifth phase of development. It is being estimated that by 2020 more than 100 billion computers will be connected with the internet, which means that companies will have to handle 50 times more data than they handle today. But are we really ready for such a situation?
The answer lies with SMAC, which is an abbreviated term derived from Social, Mobility, Analytics and cloud. SMAC integrates all these four technologies for providing business solutions and is being looked at as the newest emerging way of conducting business. It is being estimated that this concept of integrating four systems will have a multiplying effect on business productivity.


So let now look at all these four systems individually to understand their role in SMAC.

Social here refers to the social media. All businesses require social media sites like Facebook for their marketing. Ask any business and they will tell you about their Facebook page. Every business has it. It is a suitable platform for staying in touch with clients. Companies post everything and almost just about anything which is latest with them on it. It could be a new product launch, media coverage on company events, company achievements, customer reviews and awards etc. Even if the CEO sneezes in office, you might find it posted on their Facebook page. Social media has two major advantages for a business. The first one being that it is an economical and cost effective method of advertising and the second that it has higher conversion rates in comparison to other mediums.

The relevance of mobile users cannot be ignored today. They form the bulk on traffic on internet and perhaps even more than desktop users. Mobility is the buzzword, where people access information and complete their daily tasks while on the go. A business which does not have a responsive site is almost certain to lose out on a decent and bulky consumer base. With Google’s latest mobile update, responsiveness has also become a major criterion for search engine results and site rankings. The most effective way of producing sales revenues is to offer products on mobile phones. A mobile app for your business will have a compounded effect on your sales figures.

A business can only survive on profits. Profits can only be calculated by (ROI) Return of Investments. For accurate data collection a business must depend on Analytics tools. Analytics provide daily data on user activities like number of site visits, bounce rates, number of downloads etc. What Analytics does is that it shows the path for the future to a business. User preferences influence a business to make suitable changes to its website for increasing conversion rates. Analytics can pin point all the strong and weak points of your website.

Cloud computing has gained a lot of momentum lately. It provides various services related to the internet for various businesses. These services provided to organizations can be classified into three basic types namely (IAS) Infrastructure as a service, (PAS) Product as a service and (SAAS) Software as a service. Switching over to cloud makes the work of an organization less complicated and cost effective. Cloud is also highly reliable and can handle a lot of work load, which might prove otherwise difficult to handle. The data is stored at a single central location and is thus completely safe. Even giants like Google, Facebook and YouTube depend on cloud for storing their data.
In times when business rivalries are at all time high, SMAC can prove an ideal tool for a business to rise above the rest and prevail. Switching over a business to SMAC has other associated advantages as well like cutting down of costs and escalation of profits. But one thing is certain, that in the future a business will require SMAC in order to survive.
Author Bio:
Anna Brown is a digital marketing consultant who works at Xperts Infosoft, a reputed Online marketing company in India. She has a passion for writing blogs and surfing the internet in her free time. To catch up with her latest posts on digital marketing connect with her through Facebook or Twitter.


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