Browse By Unleashes Sales Performance Accelerator, one of the leading CRM (customer relationship management) platforms in the world, recently announced the release of Sales Performance Accelerator. This is an integrated solution combining Sales Cloud, one of the best sales App in the world, customer data, and coaching and feedback tools. So, how does your business benefit from Sales Performance Accelerator?


  • As the term suggests, Sales Performance Accelerator is all about accelerating your sales. The combination of Sales Cloud,, and features means this a really comprehensive solution.


  • Sales Cloud improves your sales team by ensuring there is quick collaboration and accessibility using the right people and resources. The tool will find the right expert to answer a particular question and it will uncover the right content quickly, both on their PCs and on hand-held devices.


  • gives you customer data that is clean and targeted. It is only when sales reps are able to get quality leads in a consistent way that they will meet your revenue targets. gives your sales team accurate business data that they can act on quickly.


  • Every business needs feedback since it is only when you understand what the customer wants that you will connect with him/her. Feedback from sales reps is also important because these are the people who really understand the customer. helps you get feedback from your sales team. It also facilitates the coaching and motivation of your sales team for winning behaviour and to see a deal to a close. If your sales team is not in a central location (which is the usual scenario), the tool has you covered since it is available on mobile devices.


  • has a Facebook-like software environment. This is important because it makes it easy and fun to use the software, meaning you are unlikely to get objection from your sales team.


  • facilitates helps with alignment. The real-time coaching and social goals helps teams and individuals align to your organization’s goals. also has a feature that summarizes all the data gathered via the ‘Motivate’ and ‘Alignment’ products, allowing you to easily and quickly understand the output.


  • doubles up as an online business directory. You can list your company and use it to find business professionals and companies. The directory is maintained by a community from all over the world and it currently has over 1,000,000 subscribers.


  • has a large database where members get to share and exchange business information. This is a good place to get the latest trends and to get valuable tips. You could take to be a directory of virtual business cards with its over 29 million contacts.


Other than helping in revenue generation, is also using Sales Performance Accelerator to refocus on its core automation software business. CEO Marc Benioff has been leading the company towards a “customer companies” theme where he is positioning the company as a purveyor of business tools that are aimed at helping businesses make better connections with customers and partners such as Sales Performance Accelerator and Salesforce data loader.



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