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Project management templates for Google Docs

project management templatesFree project management templates for Google Docs is a great way to use Google Docs for collaboration on the projects, project management and tracking progress. It’s ideal tool for freelancers, small business and for projects that need high level of collaboration and online accessibility. These project management templates features include automatic calculations, Gantt charts, project duration, task priorities, risk management, scheduling and budgeting, cost estimates, status of projects and work breakdown structure, lesson learned. Traditional project management templates as well as those using Agile method are included. There are also specific templates for web design projects.

Project Management Schedule template
This is an excellent project management template for tracking progress. It features color coding in status, date of start and completion, owner, difficulty and notes.

Project Management – Action Planning and Scheduling template
This project management template features Gantt chart, option to organize your tasks, to-do, and action plans in a time frame as well as color coded task priorities.

Simple SCRUM Agile Project Management template
Project management template designed using the methodology of SCRUM for freelancers or small teams.

Web Design Project Management template
Project management template specific for web design project, it features status of the project, url, description, modules, time and cost estimation and more.

Project Management (Gantt Chart) template
Project management template features Gantt chart layout using the gadget created by Viewpath This template allows you to easily adjust the tasks.

Project Management With Gantt chart Extended
Project Management Template featuring automatic calculations, WBS, task ID, duration, phases, assigned to members and other useful features.

PM Spreadsheet
A project management template that covers tasks, issues, risk, budget and lessons learned. There’s also a form to submit issues. Several levels of publication and collaboration are possible.

Risk Management Template
Risk management template for Agile Project Management featuring risk priorities, risk owners and values.

Project Management WBS Template
Project management template featuring Work Breakdown Structure. It includes task name, priority, description, task owners and status description.

Status Update Template
Status Update Template to be send via email with regular status updates on a large project. It keeps both team members and management informed of current status, and aligns everyone on dates, goals and risks.

Template: Projects and Goals
Project management / to-do list / task manager template. You can create as many rows as you need to list the projects as well as organize, prioritize, and decide.

Web design template for timeline and specs
Another template for web design project management. It features task guidelines, project quote, project overview, workflow and sitemap details.

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