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Pixel Art Tutorials – 40 Great Pixel Art Tutorials

pixel art tutorialsThe Pixel art tutorials in this review cover basics and advanced tips and tricks which will help you not only start with pixel art but progress quickly and become pixel art designer. Pixel illustrations are great for making computer icons, favicons, isometric images and even whole scenes for mobile games and portable devices. Sometimes pixel art is used for advertising too. Some pixel artists were featured in such magazines as Wired, Popular Science, and Fortune 500. Pixel Art is created by filling picture in by hand, pixel by pixel, rather than using graphic tools. Image filters or tools with automatic anti-aliasing are not suitable for pixel art since they are opposite to the precise manual arrangement of pixels associated with pixel art.

How to Become a Pixel Artist

A great introductory guide to pixel art and how to get started with it.

become pixel artist

Pixels in Vectors

This pixel art tutorial features tips and tricks on using Illustrator to create pixel art.

pixel art vector

Les Forges Pixel Art Course

Translation from French of several pixel art tutorials covering tools, lines and curves, perspectives, shadow and light, color palettes, anti-aliasing, textures and dithering and tiles.

Pixel Art Course

Learn How to Draw Hand-crafted Pixel Art in Photoshop

This pixel art tutorial teaches you how to draw with pixels, it features basic principles, settings and tips to get you started with pixel art.

Hand crafted Pixel Art

Photoshop Skills: Pixel Art

This pixel art tutorial outlines the key elements of creating pixel illustrations such as a building and a car that involve lots of straight lines and hard edges.

Photoshop pixel art

Isometric pixelart tutorial

This tutorial explains in detail how to draw isometric buildings.

isometric pixelart

The Pixel Tutorial

10-step Pixel Art tutorial from a video games developer which will teach you how to create a “sprite”, i.e. stand-alone two-dimensional character or object.

Pixel art Tutorial

Pixel art tutorial

This tutorial goes around pixel art theory and how pixel art is different from other graphics. It also contains links to specific tips on using Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash for pixel art.

pixel art tutorial

So you want to be a pixel artist?

In this tutorial you’ll learn about the secrets of beautiful landscapes and scenes for RPG games and sprites for fighting games.

pixel artist

Building a Pixel Art World

This tutorial contains a handful of mini Pixel Art tutorials that show you how to build Pixel Art using professional techniques. Plus tips on using grids, textures, reusing objects, adding reflection and shadows, preparing the art for print.

pixel art world

Isometric pixel art tutorial

This is a comprehensive tutorial on creating Isometric Pixel art.

isometric pixel art

Create a Vibrant 3D Pixel Type Treatment

This Illustrator tutorial will show you how to create a fun 3D pixel font type treatment using a free font, gradients, and Illustrator 3D filter.

3d pixel art

Isometric Building Tutorial

This Photoshop tutorial covers the process of creating an isometric building and features a number of useful tips and tricks for pixel art designer.

isometric building

Dithering pixel art tutorial

This tutorial covers dithering in pixel art, which can be used to stylize areas, for example make shadows across objects.

dithering tutorial

Pixel Art tutorial

Quick start tutorial for pixel art beginners, it covers basic principles, theories and tools behind proper pixel art.

pixelart tutorial

Pixel Character Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to create pixel version of bitmap graphic character using image or screenshot as reference.

pixel character

How pixel art for games is made

In this tutorial game developer share steps to create pixel art background and character.

game pixel art

How to use GIMP for pixel art

Some tips and trips on using GIMP to create pixel art.

gimp pixel art

Pixel Art Shading Tutorial

This tutorial explains basics of shading and useful shading techniques for pixel art.

Pixel Shading Tutorial

NES Pixel Art Tutorial

This tutorial features tips on creating NES graphics objects as pixel art.

nes pixel art

Converting Art to Sprites

How to convert artwork or sketch into real pixel art.

convert image into pixel art

Pixel art sprite and shading

This tutorial will show you how to make a nice sprite from a boring simple base sprite and add some shading.

Pixel art sprite

Isometric pixel art tutorial

Detailed tutorial on isometric pixel art explaining about modeling, sculpting and shading with some examples.

isometric pixel art tutorial

Mage Knight sprites tutorial

The guy behind a game for Nintendo DS explains ins and outs of creating pixel art for this platform.

nintendo pixel art

PixelArt Shadow in Photoshop

How to make proper lighting and shadow in pixel art with Photoshop.

pixel art shadow

Isometric kid’s swimming pool

Following this tutorial you’ll make a nice pixel art swimming pool.

isometric tutorial

Isometric pixel art tutorial


Everything you need to start with isometric pixel art in one tutorial.

isometric pixel art

Walking Animation for Low-Res Sprites

These pixel art tutorials covers a few simple ways to animate a walk cycle for low-resolution sprites.

animation pixel art

Pixel art tutorial (Spanish)

This tutorial covers basics of pixel art in terms of colors, shading and lighting.

pixel art tutorial

Isometric Pixel Art Guide

This tutorial has detailed explanations of several artworks workflow to ace isometric pixel art.

isometric pixelart

Popular Pixel Detailing Effects

In this tutorial you’ll learn how some common pixel art detailing effects are done.

pixel detailing

Isometric Pixel Art Simply Defined

This tutorial explains what is isometric pixel art and what it isn’t.

what is pixel art

What is pixel art?

Another quick start guide for pixel art beginner with some do’s and don’ts.

pixel art

Pixel art tutorial (Spanish)

Follow this tutorial to create pixel art car.

car pixel art

Pixilated text tutorial

Create face pixel art text with this Photoshop tutorial.

pixelated text tutorial

Using Photoshop to create pixel art

Full featured guide with examples, tips and tricks on using Photoshop to create pixel art.

photoshop pixelart

Pixel art tutorials – Objects

A number of mini tutorials to create various pixel art objects such as sword, shield, trees.

objects pixel art tutorial

Pixel art workflow

This pixel art tutorial explains proper workflow for pixel artist including sketching, outlining, cleaning, shading and dithering.

pixel art workflow

Icon pixel art tutorial

Learn to create pixel art style icons with this tutorial.

Icons pixel art tutorial

I hope these pixel art tutorials come in handy!

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