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Photoshop action to improve your photos instantly

photoshop actionWith this Photoshop action you can quickly improve your photos without any hassle. Even If you’re guru at Photoshop, often you don’t have enough time to implement all your thorough knowledge and Photoshop tricks just to make some photos for your friends look more attractive and professional.

What this Photoshop action will do for you? It boosts Color and Contrast using Curves, extends Dynamic range of photos through Shadows/Highlights and Sharpen images through High pass filter.

All edits applied to your photo by this Photoshop action are non destructive as soon as they are made on separate layers and in Lab mode which all professionals use for high quality photo retouching. After running action you can adjust layers Opacity to fade some effects to your taste or duplicate layers and change blend mode if you need even more colors, contrast or sharpen.

This Photoshop action is free for personal and commercial use without any restrictions. Though you cannot sell or redistribute it without permission.

Download Quick fix Photoshop action

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