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Options: After Support is Ending for Windows XP

Windows XP is one of the most popular operating systems these days. Many people are using this OS for their personal computers. Microsoft has provided support for all users with Windows XP for the last 12 years. However, this company is going to stop the support for this operating system. After April 8, 2014, Microsoft is planning to stop the technical assistance for this operating system. This company is going to stop all updates that can protect your PC. People are not able to download the Microsoft Security Essentials after that day. There are several options that people can have for protecting their computers.

1. Upgrade the current PC

This is the easiest step for all Windows XP users. They are able to upgrade their current personal computers to the latest version of Windows. They may want to run the latest Windows 8.1 version. This is the most advanced version from Windows. Before installing this operating system, people need to check if their PCs are able to meet their system requirements. They can use the Windows Upgrade Assistant to check their computers’ compatibility. This application is also good for helping all users upgrade their personal computers easily. The upgrading process from Windows XP is very simple to do.

2. Get other operation systems

Windows XP is an old operating system that is available today. After the support for Windows XP is no longer available, you can take a look at some other alternative operation systems. There are some other operating systems that offer a lot of features for users. Linux Mint is a perfect alternative operating system that you can use for your computer. Zorin OS is another recommended operating system that is suitable for all Windows users. It has similar layout as Windows XP, so you can use this OS easily without any problems. You can change the desktop layout on the setting area very quickly. The last option for all Windows XP users is the Ubuntu. It has some interesting software for all users. You can replace your Windows XP with this interesting operating system easily.

3. Buy a new PC

Some personal computers are not compatible with the latest Windows version, Windows 8.1. When this is the case, people need to consider buying a new computer for themselves. There are many great selections that they can choose today. Many new computers are created to support the Windows 8.1 today. Most modern computers are very powerful, stylish, lightweight, and functional. There are many features that are offered by these computers. People can also find a lot of affordable personal computers that are suitable for their needs. All new computers are usually supported by the protection and security system from Microsoft.

After the support for Windows XP is ending, people can still enjoy using their computers without any problems. However, they may want to try the latest version of Windows that is Windows 8.1. This version offers full security system for all users. This system is also very useful for all users. It can support many applications and other features for improving the users’ experience. There are many great and exciting things that can be found in the latest version of Windows 8.1. Therefore, many people are interested to try this Windows version. This version is also backup with technical assistance from Microsoft.


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