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Top 20 Illustrator food and beverages tutorials

food illustrator tutorialsA collection of the best tutorials released across the web, demonstrating how to craft different types of delicious-looking goodies using Adobe Illustrator or/and Adobe Photoshop, step by step. These tutorials will teach you different vector illustration techniques and make your tummy rumble at the same time. I hope you will find creating vector food art as fun as I did. Enjoy the recipes!

Create a tasty burger icon in illustrator
Using some basic shapes, shadows and gradients, Andrea demonstrates how to create a yummy looking burger icon. Keep in mind that he’s a vegetarian, so we indeed appreciate the effort!

tasty burger icon

How to illustrate a delicious ice cream bar

This tutorial explores various drawing techniques and demands medium knowledge of Photoshop. Make sure you follow it carefully and the end result will look delicious.

ice cream bar

How to create a delicious chocolate chip cookie in illustrator
A simple, step by step tutorial to create the popular chocolate chip cookie that everybody loves so much by using brushes, pen tool and shadows. The lesson starts in Illustrator and ends in Photoshop.

chocolate chip cookie

Design a sushi vector illustration
This tutorial details the process of drawing a Sushi plate vector illustration in Adobe Illustrator and requires basic knowledge of the program.

sushi vector

Illustrator tutorial: create a yummy vector cupcake
The following is a tutorial that will guide you into illustrating a cute cupcake mostly using the pen tool, pathfinder and meshes.

vector cupcake

How to bake a cake in Illustrator
A fun tutorial that walks us through the art of vector cakes. The great thing about it – you shouldn’t have amazing artistic skills to create it!


Illustrator tutorial: create a 6-egg box (not necessarily for Easter)
By following this tutorial you will learn to create a six egg-box in Adobe Illustrator – with the help of 3D Rotate and Revolve effects and masks.

egg box

Create a realistic candy bar in Illustrator
A detailed Illustrator tutorial that shows and explains the steps of creating a realistic looking candy bar.

candy bar

Craft a delicious chinese food icon
If you want to learn how to create a Chinese food icon set, than we have a great tutorial for you! It includes numerous vector illustration techniques and it requires a broad knowledge of Adobe Illustrator’s tools.

chinese food

How to create a fresh Mojito cocktail glass
This tutorial is aimed at intermediate illustrators and will guide you through the process of creating a cocktail glass from scratch in Adobe Illustrator.

Mojito cocktail glass

Illustrator tutorial: how to make an icy cocktail
Another refreshing tutorial about illustrating cocktail glasses, but this time using different techniques.

icy cocktail

How to make a delicious vector orange
In Adobe Illustrator it is easy to create a fruit, in this case an orange, by playing around with basic shapes.Tutorial is aimed at beginner to intermediate Illustrator users.

vector orange

Create a mouthwatering chocolate covered strawberry
This Illustrator tutorial teaches some techniques that can be applied to other illustrations and logos such as Pencil tool, Custom Art Brush or Gradient.


Make a delicious sandwich with easy 3D illustration techniques
Using Illustrator’s 3D Extrude and Revolve tool, along with some basic shapes, you will learn how to create an appealing vector sandwich.


Design a coffee mug icon in Illustrator
This Illustrator tutorial will take you through some basics steps of creating a simple web icon, a coffee mug.

coffee mug

Cafe style coffee art in Adobe Illustrator
This time a more sophisticated type of coffee art which will take your Illustrator skills one step further.

coffee art

Create a popcorn box Illustrator tutorial
The Warp tool, Shadows and Brushes will be used in this tutorial in order to create a cartoonish looking popcorn box.

popcorn box

Chili Pepper Illustrator tutorial
This tutorial will show the power of Envelope Distort tool of modeling different shapes like this Chilli Pepper. It is aimed at beginner to intermediate Illustrator users.


How to create a simple 3D lollipop icon
This Illustrator tutorial uses simple shapes and gradients that are easy to apply to other illustrations.The final vector image will be a great looking lollipop icon.


Creating a toaster-popping illustration
The last tutorial of the list teaches how to illustrate a toaster-popping vector art and it covers effects and tools that are not oftenly used in Illustrator such as the Chrome effect.


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