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Fuse PPC with SEO for a Rock-Solid Strategy

SEO and PPC are considered as the most popular and effective ways to optimize and boost any website’s marketing strategies. Unfortunately, most marketers pick one, and switch temporarily to the other when the first strategy fails. This will never really bring you the results you want, unless both are used in perfect harmony to leverage search engine dynamics as far as you can.

Temporal Considerations

The thing about SEO is that a comprehensive strategy will bring you results after a while, but the longevity of those results in the form of drastically improved rankings and good site traffic is huge. Comparatively, PPC solutions will bring you instant results by attracting visitors to your website through banners and ads. This way the return on your investments is great, and you’re able to engage with your customers in a more direct matter.

Actually bringing them together

A particular logical sequence must be followed to allow PPC to work in tandem with your SEO and squeeze out the best of results.

You must set up a PPC plan before, with relevant keywords attached to ad groups and a well-made target page or landing page. The landing page must be different from the homepage to get useful insights. The next logical step is to gather analytics by linking an AdWords account with Google analytics.

Landing Page: A good landing page allows Google to judge your pages better, gets higher quality scores on rankings and allows you to optimize exit rates, bounce rates and time spent by a customer on the page as well. It is hence vital to set up a good one.

Select a Keyword: The modification of Google Analytics’ keyword analysis algorithm has allowed AdWords to become one of the most effective tools to understand and implement effective keywords. To start, you could export results of effective tested keywords into your strategy for SEO. Learn SEO course for understanding all SEO concepts clearly.

Link Building through PPC

While SEO is content-oriented, PPC is more user-oriented and allows you to actually market and spread your content rather than optimize quality and wait for search engine algorithms to rate them. Non-commercial, long tail keywords are the way to go, especially with social media platforms as a testing ground. People who like your page or go through it usually would share content they like, thus spreading the word.

How they work together

PPC and SEO cooperate to generate a large amount of organic traffic without promoting bad content or bad practices. PPC can be considered a starting point and a pivot for a solid SEO strategy. AdWords will allow you to use Google’s yardstick against your content in a sandbox thus allowing you to implement a more effective strategy.

PPC and SEO working in tandem allow you to cover all your bases, as PPC can utilize non-organic ranked keywords which slip through SEO. This way you can reel in high value keywords regardless of whether they are ranked high in organic search.

Very few brands are able to understand the value of a combined strategy and a holistic approach which covers all possible aspects of marketing and search engine optimization. Consumer interaction is also focused upon, thus leading to a very direct, bold and effective strategy. This way, your content is less mechanical and more consumer-oriented, and hence more attractive to prospective customers.

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