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Fake HDR Photoshop tutorial

fake hdrThis HDR Photoshop tutorial will show you how to make fake HDR in Photoshop using just single image. Basically, in the process you increase dynamic range of your photo, then your increase local contrast. While HDR photos are getting momentum, it could be a good way to achieve popular HDR look without a lot of efforts and expenses to buy standalone software. I suggest also using Masks to apply HDR effect just to certain areas and play with Layers opacity. If you successfully used this technique, please post link to your fake HDR photos in the comments.

1. Duplicate Original Layer two times. That’s how Layer 3 appears. (Ctrl+J)

2. Set the Blending mode of Layer2 to Overlay.

3. Apply Image->Adjustements -> Desaturate. (Shift + Ctrl + U)

4. Now invert Layer2: Image -> Adjustements -> Invert (Ctrl + I)

5. Next step is to add Gaussian Blur to it (Filter- > Blur -> Gaussian Blur) around 50 pixels

6. Apply to Layer3 Filter->Other->Highpass with 60px Radius.

7. Change the blending mode of Layer3 to Overlay.

8. If you would like moderate looking HDR reduce Opacity of the 3rd layer, if you’d like to give it a punch duplicate the layer.

Original image
original image
Fake HDR image
Fake HDR image

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