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Emergency 24 hour generation traffic system

Drive-Traffic1 When you want traffic in a hurry, this is a great fast system to start the traffic flow to your website.
1. Choose a competitive keyword and set up a page on your website or blog with the selected phrase scattered over the page or post.
2. Submit the web page or blog post to a number of social bookmarking sites through or If this is your first time to these sites, you will need to spend some time signing up to each of the individual social bookmarking sites. This is the only time you’ll need to do this, as the logins will be recorded permanently on these sites, to use as often as you need.
3. Ping your website with
4. Create a blog at, with your keyword used in the blog name, and create a short post with the chosen keyword, linking to your website or blog post.
5. Ping your blogger post with
6.  Submit the RSS feed of the blogger post to RSS feed directories You can find a list of places to submit your RSS feeds here:
7. Write a press release about your new website page or blog post (using selected keyword) and submit to,,, and
8.  Now bookmark the press release when it’s published, on one of the sites with OnlyWire or SocialPoster and ping it with
9.  Write a keyword optimized article about your new web page or blog post and submit to some Web 2.0 sites like and You can find a list of web 2.0 sites at and pick out a couple more places to submit your article if you like. You need to submit your article to Web 2.0 sites, rather than article directories, as they are published almost instantly, whereas article directories usually take a few days to publish an article.
10. Take your article, press release, or both, and use them to create a short video.

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