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Dynamic logo – new trend in logo design

Dynamic logo for Troika dialogBranding agency Interbrand claims to create the world’s first dynamic logo. Using new, modern approach to visual brand identification they developed new logo for Russian Investment Company Troika dialog. Graphic part of the logo contains lines and triangles and exists only as dynamic logo. Everywhere where it’s possible the logo will be dynamic 3D object. For print there will be special versions to adjust for every particular case.

“The time of simple, 2-dimensional forms is gradually sinking into the past. Corporate communications are switching over to virtual reality. In virtual space, our logo is 3-dimensional. It is dynamic. The printed version is always different too, even on your business cards. Troika’s Pattern shows connecting lines, which are meant to represent the many different levels and poles of interactions, processes, and communications between people in this complex and fast-changing world.”

Previously some brands such as Microsoft’s Silverlight or Wacom used 3D logos. Telecommunications provider Swisscom animated their 3D logo to use on the web or in the video.

Dynamic logo for Troika dialog is the first claim to create new trend in logo design. There are big chances that with growing popularity of Internet and declining popularity of print media dynamic logos will be more and more in style especially when electronic paper will replace traditional.

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