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10 Great Open Source Titles for Game Design Education

If there’s one thing that open source has taught us, it’s that innovation in game design is best achieved through free collaboration. It has also proven – time and time again – that one of the best methods of learning game design is by getting

Redirect To Mobile Site | CSS3 To the Rescue

Redirect To Mobile Site The process of detecting a user’s device and having phones and tablets redirect to mobile site is thankfully over (for the most part). No more building and maintaining two, three or even more sites. Thanks to CSS Media Queries we can

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

So it’s been a while since my last post. Sorry about that, but we’ll be picking up the pace again. Given current trends, much of the focus will be on responsive design and some tips, tricks and tutorials to help with that. Rule 1# If

AI Gradient Mesh Tutorial – A Beautiful Apple!

Out of all the tools available in Adobe Illustrator, one of the most useful – and often the most intimidating for new program users – is the gradient mesh capability. Clicking on the tool by accident might have been your first foray into an exploration

Top 30 fresh Photoshop video tutorials

The most impressive and creative Photoshop video tutorials are here to give you a hand in learning this wonderful image editor. Photoshop has quite a steep learning curve but these fresh Photoshop video tutorials (published within the last 2 years) are very thorough and easy

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How to Make a Flash Website with Wix for Free

A step-by-step guide on how to make your own customized Flash website with Wix’ free website builder. Whether you are a business owner or an artist, a non-profit organization or a wedding photographer, Wix has all you need to get a stunning site online, from

16 excellent digital painting tutorials

Digital painting is an emerging art form in which the artist uses different painting techniques to create the digital painting directly on the computer. More and more digital artists are rising, even though there are people who still don’t appreciate this art at its full

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Top wedding photography tutorials and tips

A collection of the best wedding photography tutorials and tips on the web, focusing on ways to improve your wedding photography and tips for beginners. These tutorials and tips can help anyone who is in the wedding photography business or looking into it. Everyone has

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Duotone and tritone effect Photoshop tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to make duotone and tritone images in Photoshop. As you can guess two colors are used to create duotone photos and three to create tritones. From the artistic perspective, duotone helps to focus attention on shape, form and texture of