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The Undeniable Role of Mobile Telemetry in Industrial Monitoring

With industrial production systems becoming increasingly complex, expansive and data-critical, it has become imperative to adopt telemetry as a tool that does not require human intervention, is error-free, reliable, and cost-effective. The most obvious advantage of telemetry communication systems is that they can replace the

Five Tools to Gain Digital Freedom

Five Tools to Gain Digital Freedom Digital freedom is often something that is taken for granted, until you happen to stumble upon a page that is censored. If you encounter online censorship first hand, it’s likely that you look for a solution after your frustration

6 Javascript libraries to create stylish online charts

Do you need to visualize some data, build stylish online charts or graphs on your website? Here are six great Javascript frameworks and plugins to help you. They provide tons of options to create beautiful charts using all the latest technologies such as CSS3, HTML5

Top 15 Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is a very fast and powerful browser by default. With its very simple graphical user interface, speedy download and upload, safer and more secure web surfing with built-in malware and phishing protection, fashionable themes and other fascinating features of Google Chrome, it will


Tools to test your website in different browsers

Internet users from all over the world are now using a wide variety of operating systems, browsers (Firefox, Safari, IE etc.) and browser versions. With such a range of possibilities, it’s only natural that a website can and will look different to some of the

Project management templates for Google Docs

Free project management templates for Google Docs is a great way to use Google Docs for collaboration on the projects, project management and tracking progress. It’s ideal tool for freelancers, small business and for projects that need high level of collaboration and online accessibility. These

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Top 10 free website uptime monitoring services

It’s crucial for a website to experience minimal downtime (and for site owner to monitor uptime), otherwise visitors or customers won’t return again if the site is always offline and inaccessible. Sometimes it happens that websites are going down even if you have a very

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Create custom panels in Photoshop CS4 with Adobe Configurator

Adobe Configurator is a prerelease of an open source utility for easy creation of panels (palettes) in Adobe Photoshop CS4. Now you can create custom panels in Photoshop CS4 without knowledge of Flash/Flex/ActionScript. Just drag and drop tools, menu items, scripts, actions, audio, video, images,