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Best Gimp Plugins

gimp pluginsGIMP Is a great alternative to Photoshop, and there are a huge array of Gimp Plugins  that make it even better. If you’re new to Gimp, be sure to checkout Gimp workflow and Gimp tutorials. Gimp plugins will help to sharpen and restore focus of your photos, apply creative effects, fix color and contrast, delete unwanted objects and reduce noise, batch process images in Gimp…. basically, anything you can do in Photoshop.  Head over to the  Gimp plugin registry  or check out the plugins below.

Gimp FX Foundry
This Gimp plugin contains a 100+ Gimp scripts for various effects and image corrections.

gimp fx foundry plugin

Resynthesizer is a Gimp plugin for texture synthesis. Given a sample of a texture, it can create more of that texture.  Useful for removing objects from an image.

resynthesizer gimp

GMIC ex GREYCstoration
The GMIC plug-in is packed with  a set of image filters.  These are great for image denoising and enhancement,  3D rendering and more.

GMIC gimp plugin

Wavelet denoise
A great Gimp plugin to quickly reduce noise in separate image channels. Works in  both YCbCr and LAB.

gimp denoise plugin

Separate+ provides functional color-management tools to convert RGB to CMYK and manage RGB profiles.

separate gimp plugin

Save for Web
Save for Web allows users to quickly experiment with various popular web image formats. Shows real-time preview and file size.

save for web gimp

UFRaw is a Gimp plug-in reads raw images from digital cameras and fires them into Gimp via DCRaw.


Liquid Rescale
This Gimp Plugin attempts to implement the Seam Carving Algorithm to resize pictures in a non uniform fashion without distorting the main parts.  A main usage is stretching an image from normal to panoramic.

gimp rescale

Wavelet sharpen
This sharpness tool allows you to increase the sharpness on the luminance channel without artifacts.  Has a separate radius adjustment.

sharpen gimp

Wavelet decompose
An essential noise reduction and retouching tool.  One of the best Gimp Plugins

wavelet decomposition

Exposure Blend
Quickly blend your bracketed exposures with this plugin. Has mask adjustments and options for smoothing.

exposure blend

Fix-CA works to smooth out chromatic aberration. Fix-CA works with directional and lateral CA as a result of colored fringing.

fix abberation

Gimp image registration
A useful plugin to quickly and easily align multiple images.  Can be used in HDR processing, blending exposures or just alignment.

gimp image registration

David’s Batch Processor
Easily process a batch of files (sharpen, correct color, resize) and save them to a new location.

gimp batch processing

High Pass filter
Gimp tool for contrast enhancement and sharpening images.  This high pass filter can even pull off mock HDRs.

high pass filter gimp

Focus Blur
A great gimp plugin for mocking the depth of field of a traditional SLR lens.  Takes the background out of focus softening the image.

focus blur

Want to run your Photoshop plugins in Gimp?  Fire up PSPI and give it a go.  Not every plugin is supported, but it’s worth a shot.


Color Match
This is a great tool for skin ton matching.  Useful across people in the same image or for mapping colors between images.

match color gimp

Elsamuco scripts
Some emulation scripts for providing a preset “feel” to a picture.  “Vintage”, “Split Tone”, “Technicolor”, and “National Geographic” and more.

elsamuco scripts

A FIR Wiener tool for filtering.  Useful for refocusing those shaky images that plague us all.


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