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Top 15 Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is a very fast and powerful browser by default. With its very simple graphical user interface, speedy download and upload, safer and more secure web surfing with built-in malware and phishing protection, fashionable themes and other fascinating features of Google Chrome, it will

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Top 20 Photography Books

A very powerful camera would be useless if the photographer lacks knowledge, skills and experience in photography. A well versed photographer can convey message on their photographs and depict emotion on their subjects – that depends on the skill, knowledge and experience of the photographer.

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How to protect your images online

Every image that photographers or graphic designers create matters a lot for them. These photos are their piece and in every piece, it represents their selves. Hence, if someone stole their piece, then they have stolen the identity and personality of the artist as well.

Top 50 iPad Wallpapers

Having an iPad in your hand makes you feel cooler and modernized. With its very sleek and elegant design, high resolution input/output ready LED Display, and varied applications for different use makes everything within your fingertips. It makes the whole e-life easier with iPad!  Since