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5 Things To Do When Entering A Photography Competition

With so many photography competitions out there, it can feel a little overwhelming to know where to submit your work and get started. Some people feel discouraged by the sheer volume of applicants. Don’t let this set you back, if you are new to competitions,

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Tripod Flexibility in the Outdoors

Cameras with inbuilt image stabilizers are increasing effective, but for optimum stability and noise prevention one needs a good tripod. My first tripod cost me thirty dollars. Needless to say, it was secondhand and fell apart during its second run. I later opted for a

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10 Things to Look for in a Photography Course

Black, red, orange…enter the color spectrum and into focus. Though there is nothing more satisfying than watching film develop in the dark room, most of us in the digital age simply press the play button and hold up the camera to examine the image in

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5 rule of thirds photography tips

Rule of thirds when used properly can help you greatly improve your photography. The first thing you learn when doing any visual art is the rule of thirds. It is the first thing to master when thinking of composition. It is a mathematical formula that

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How to choose lenses for your camera

My love for photography and my need to find the best possible deal led me to Tokyo’s Shinjuku district. One morning I wondered around, looking up all the time, stumbling through the signs in Kanji and Katakana. I finally made out the second hand camera

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5 must have lenses for photographers

If you stand in a field, focus on a tree half an acre away, and slowly walk forward, thinking of your focal point, adjusting your settings, stopping at intervals to take a series of photographs, effectively covering your depth of field, you’ll only need one