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How to build strong portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of projects and achievements that are supposed to be the clear reflection of your skills, activities and interests. Portfolios are used for securing jobs in many areas nowadays. Regardless the field of specialization, the main purpose of the portfolio is


99 Designs review

99 Designs is an increasingly popular design contest website and #1 marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design services. In 2010 99 Designs was awarded Webby People’s Voice Award for Best Web Service & Application of the year. 99 Designs has hosted more than 75,000 designs already


40 great lomo shots showcase

Digital photography has really taken over the last few years, but there still are lots of people who share a common passion for creative and experimental analogue film photography. These people represent the lomography community and they encourage others to take analogue shots. Even though


Topaz Lens Effects review

Topaz Lens Effects is a new Photoshop plugin from Topaz Labs. It can easily simulate a wide range of realistic lens, filter & specialty camera effects. Within minutes you can create very realistic effects from a list of 18 popular options, including bokeh, vignette, motion,

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50 beautiful night photography shots

Once the sun sets many photographers pack their cameras and go home, but they miss out on capturing wonderful images. A new fascinating world reigns now, and the depth of colors offered by it is fascinating. Night photography can be much fun and it can

16 excellent digital painting tutorials

Digital painting is an emerging art form in which the artist uses different painting techniques to create the digital painting directly on the computer. More and more digital artists are rising, even though there are people who still don’t appreciate this art at its full

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6 tips to improve yourself as a designer

As a designer, your learning process should never truly stop. In order to keep up with constant changes in this domain of graphic design, you should always be open to new things and have the desire to grow, to develop your skills. The biggest mistake


Top 20 iOS development blogs to follow

Whether you are just starting up with developing applications for Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, or you’ve been doing this for a while now, it’s imperative that you keep yourself updated constantly with what’s going on when it comes to the Apple world. The best


5 useful tips for building visual identities

Society is becoming more and more visual, so design is increasingly important nowadays. One of the most important jobs of designers is to shape identities and create memorable experiences. New identities for various kinds of companies are built all the time, but just some of