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60 beautiful examples of architectural photography

xintiadi towersArchitecture is everywhere around us, on a daily basis, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that architecture is such a popular subject in photography nowadays. Architectural photographers experiment with different angles, settings, effects or timing in order to achieve the most spectacular photographs of architectural elements. Here is a showcase of 60 handpicked examples of beautiful architecture photography. Each of them is linked to its original source, so feel free to refer back to them for more inspiration.

Sky garden house

sky garden house

Casa Club Bosque Altozano

casa club altozano

International management institute

international management institute

Building in Bordeaux

building in bordeaux

Levinski Library

levinski library

Tube corridor

tube corridor

White street

white street


tetra helix

O-14 Tower

white tower

Birkegade rooftop penthouses

birkegade rooftop penthouse

TMW technical museum Vienna

vienna technical museum

Denmark pavilion

denmark pavillion


modern salon

Outer Baidu Bridge

outer baidu bridge

Red haze

red haze

Santa Monica

santa monica

Hamburg airport trainstation

hamburg trainstation


dramatic staircase


window light

Firenze – Curia Arcivescovile

firenze architectural detail

Museum stairs

museum stairs

Steel stacks

steel stacks

Sinuous building

sinuous building

House in Melides

house in melides

Fifth Avenue shoe repair

shoe repair

House Hector

house hector

The VitraHaus


Historical museum Bern

historical museum bern

Belfer center

belfer center


sparks interior

Downland gridshell

downland gridshell

Korsgata 5

lime green interior


brandhorst building


iceberg building

The wave in Vejle

the wave in vejle

Helix spire

helix spire

Lockyer house

lockyer house

Front and back apartment

front and back apartment

Project COR Miami

project cor miami


waternet photo

House Holman

house holman

The garden that climbs the stairs

garden that climbs stairs

Loft Lloyfkwartier

loft lloyfkwartier

Light rhythm

wood interior

Steel railing stairs

steel railing stairs

Commercial workstudio

modern workstudio

School interior

school interior

Ark house

ark house

497 Greenwich interior

greenwich interior

Broadway penthouse

broadway penthouse

Nylon habitat

nylon habitat

Brick pit ring

brick pit ring


gallery detail

College interior

college interior


fairbanks building

Xintiandi hotels

xintiadi hotels china

Project house

modern house

Tank house

tank house


silloetten building


beautiful entrance

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