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Create custom panels in Photoshop CS4 with Adobe Configurator

adobe configuratorAdobe Configurator is a prerelease of an open source utility for easy creation of panels (palettes) in Adobe Photoshop CS4. Now you can create custom panels in Photoshop CS4 without knowledge of Flash/Flex/ActionScript. Just drag and drop tools, menu items, scripts, actions, audio, video, images, and SWF objects into a panel design, then export the results for use inside Photoshop.

Adobe Configurator lets you not only create panels that make Photoshop easier to use but share those panels with others on Adobe Exchange. Configurator requires Adobe Air installed. If you have not installed Adobe Air during Photoshop CS4 installation than download and install it separately. To Install and launch Configurator double-click the .AIR file on your desktop. After you have exported your panel, it can be accessed within Photoshop CS4 under the Window > Extensions menu.

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