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8 killer tips to better deal with graphic designer

Some people who are far from graphic design really think that graphic designers are very complicated people to deal with. Sometimes I even being asked such odd questions as “Don’t you come to prostration sometimes?’ or ”Do you able to vanish suddenly?” I‘d like to assure you that most of my colleagues are fully adequate rational people. Believe me, there are not less strange drivers or cleaners. When it’s actually very hard to break such stupid stereotypes, that graphic designer should behave strangely, I can give you a number of tips which help you to easier deal with a graphic designer.

1. Don’t embed image inside Microsoft office documents

I don’t know any designer who uses Microsoft office for work with pictures. I suppose you don’t want your graphic designer spending time extracting images from word documents instead of actually doing your ad?

2. Send pictures and logos in highest quality you have

There’s no reason to send image with low resolution firstly and then wait when graphic designer ask you for higher quality version. If you have logos in vector send it instead of using jpeg or gif.

3. Trust to your choice

If you came to this particular graphic designer so you probably saw his artworks before and know his way of doing things. Why do you doubt now about his decisions? Try to clear out all details before and then rely upon graphic designer skills as you do it with doctor or mechanic.

4. Avoid excessive sophistication

Don’t fight scrupulously for every little thing. Probably audience even doesn’t pay any attention to the choice of fonts or precisely disposition of some elements. Don’t try to put in your ad as much pictures as possible. Do you really want all this gradients and bevels? Remember that simplicity is the main rule of every good artwork.

5. Don’t try to save every cent

It’s a really bad idea to ask graphic designer put your booklet within 6 pages instead of 10 just to save the money by print. Cutting off spaces, narrower margins and smaller font often will lead to disaster. You want easy readable ad with a clean, professional look, am I right?

6. Provide to graphic designer as much details of what you want as possible

Don’t say for example I’d like something beautiful or something impressive. As you know, every man to his own taste. The less details you provide, the more often you have to make graphic designer change things afterwards. Even 5 minutes sketch of your kid on the napkin is better than nothing.

7, Don’t procrastinate with your approval

When it’s your turn to approve the design, don’t take long pauses. When time comes to deadline of the project and you want to have it made it’s really bad idea to make a lot of little corrections and changes in the last day.

8. Pay fair for graphic designer work

Graphic designers are skilled tradesmen. Their work needs not less efforts as those done by doctors or lawyers. So, why sometimes you propose to them as a payment “great opportunity” to have their work seen on your website, magazine or car? Looking for work done for free by student or beginner isn’t right choice for respected company.  If someone tried to deal in such a manner with you probably would call it fraud?

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