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7 tips to be creative when you want it

Be creative as you wishCreativity is one of the most important things for a graphic designer. If you don’t like to be a machine, software addition or design copypaster you have to be creative. Sometimes it is rather difficult to be creative, especially if you have nothing in your head in this particular moment. I call it creative constipation 😉 Really, I don’t pay much attention to it, everything goes by. And when you are not in creative flow you can make some organizational or paperwork or just relax. If every designer will be able to manage his or her creativity it would be great. Maybe these recommendations will help you. 

  1. Find a challenging activity. This could be anything. Reading, suduko, learning a language, cooking, or even playing a video game. Whatever you decide to do, just do it.
  2. Commit to yourself. Remember, you’re doing this for one person and one person only. Yourself. This is your chance to finally get on the road to happiness and accomplishment.
  3. Set a series of realistic goals. By setting goals you automatically know the level of skills needed to accomplish those goals and you provide yourself a framework for achieving a sense of accomplishment. Just as a video game has levels that you try to achieve, so should your activity. Define the levels, work to achieve them and realize your goals.
  4. Turn off the T.V. “Everything in moderation” is what my father used to tell me – so it goes for TV. Some is good, a lot is bad. Give yourself a chance to get into a Flow state by turning off the TV.
  5. Remove any interruptions. It nearly impossible to be engrossed in an activity when you’re bombarded with interruptions. I tell my kids “Please don’t interrupt me unless you’re bleeding or a dinosaur is crashing through our house”. They usually giggle and give me the time I need.
  6. Track your progress. Create a simple way to track your daily progress. Place a mark on a calendar, write a short entry in a journal or scratch a line in your bedroom wall.
  7. Enjoy your experience. Achieving flow takes determination. But remember to enjoy your experience along the way. As they say “it’s the journey that’s important”.

How to Achieve the Creative State of Flow (PickTheBrain)

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