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5 Free & Premium Dropbox WordPress Plugins

dropbox1You all know about Dropbox, the leading cloud storage service on web. According to Dropbox, more than 1 million files are saved every three minutes and 500 million files are saved daily. That’s huge!!

Being the leader of cloud storage they provide numerous services to the users which can be integrated to wordpress blogs to help make the most of this fantastic service.

Here I compiled a list of wordpress plugins which can be integrated to any wordpress powered blogs with Dropbox.

  1. Dropbox CDN

You can make use of your Dropbox account as Content delivery network to make your blog load faster than ever before. Use your Dropbox “public” folder option to enable CDN, now upload your theme files such as CSS, Javascripts and images to it. Now share those links, or embed those files in your blog that results in reducing the bandwidth of the server and make your site load faster than before.


  1. Backup to Dropbox

Automatically creates a backup of your blog and uploads it to your dropbox account. Just choose when and how often you need to backup your website, a zipped archive of your website will be stored in your Dropbox private folder. Other advance options that includes folder in which you want the backup to be stored, whether you need a copy of the backup and how many backups you need to hold on your Dropbox folder at a time.


  1. WP Time Machine

An excellent backup plugin that create an archive of your WordPress data and files, store them in Dropbox and Amazon S3. The archive files includes MYSQL database, wp-content and .htaccess file.


  1. Pressbox

Integrating Dropbox with your wordpress blog allow you to post images and files directly from Dropbox dashboard. Once you integrated this plugin, a new media upload tab will be shown in Dropbox to insert images and other files. This plugin also provides shortcodes to add links and display images in your blog but it requires PHP 5.2 and cURL support.


Dropbox Upload form

If your server have less space, or you need to avoid user uploading files then install this plugin and create a separate landing page for users to upload their files.

All files and images which the users upload will directly land on your Dropbox account and you can take it from there.


  1. Out-of-the-Box

This plugin allows you to view, delete, rename and download files and folders in your Dropbox account directly from WordPress page. You can even use this plugin as a file browser, gallery and audio or video player.


  1. Dropbox Image sync

This plugin will allow you to sync all your blog post images to your dropbox account. All images to load from dropbox account resulting in decrease of your server bandwidth. It works similar to dropbox CDN plugin.

As the dropbox is the leading cloud service providers, images you sync with Dropxbox will load at lightning fast, boosting SEO performance of your blog which helps in ranking your blog in search engines.


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This is a guest post by Ron Davis. A freelance blogger and a passionate social media marketer, who is currently working on the site, where you can buy gravity forms at 50% OFF.







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