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10 Popular WordPress Plugins for Content Slider


Popular brands and business have begun using the charm of content marketing to ensure they reach out to maximum audiences and create an image for themselves. It is interesting to note how content has become the most important ingredient of your brand building strategy.

A lot of people have designed their websites in a way that it is ready to serve as a content marketing platform. They serve content as interesting dishes and publicize their content as an engaging marketing tool.

Content sliders are an important part of content marketing website. You will see that these sliders popularize particular content, bring to view the contents that are maximizing attention, and thus serve as great marketing skateboards. Here are some interesting and engaging content slider plugins that are popular on WordPress websites.

Front Slider Plugin

One of the easy to customize content slider plugins available on WordPress! Install this plugin to your website, and you need not have any qualms about marketing your content. This slider can load infinite contents. All you need to specify is the speed and duration of the slider and whether or not you want auto rotate for your slider. You can always include images and thumbnails to your slider


This is a jQuery based image slider that uses fading transitions and specific images to promote your content on the website. You can customize this content slider without having any coding knowledge. The featured images for the content slider are based on the images used in your post. You can specify the image you want to use; else this content slider will search for images in your post.

SlideDeck Plugin

If you want to use a content slider, but don’t want to load your website thus reducing its speed, you should use the SlideDeck plugin. It gives out an excellent user experience reducing information overload while making the overall website a fun experience for the users. You can create a content slider widget on your WordPress site without possessing coding knowledge. All you need to do is create slidedeck control panel tool and insert the widget you have just created.


You can create sliders using the visual editor if you have installed this plugin to your website. You can use the plugin to display static images, text or videos or induce it to dynamically slide the recent posts on your website. If you are bored with the regular sliders that are available with the regular plugins, this one’s going to change things for you. This plugin comes with in-built templates that are interesting and interactive too

WP Slideshow Gallery

If you have image based content, then this slider serves your purpose perfectly. You can slide images and configure slideshow with this JavaScript based content slider. This is one of the best content sliders that WordPress can offer you

Featured Content Gallery Plugin

You can integrate this content slider plugin easily to your website. It is easy to customize this plugin. You can add custom fields to the post or page you want to display on the content slider. You can even include thumbnails for images, text and transitions.

Frontpage Slideshow

The images or content that you load to this content slider will automatically be seen on the content slider. This preloaded content is retrieved by the slider. You can customize everything from colors to backgrounds to animations using this slider. You can view all the parameters on this slider using a global perspective. The best part is you can load infinite contents to this slider. Isn’t that great!

Smooth Slider

This is a free fully functional plugin available with WordPress. It is easy to install and feature rich. You can display featured posts on your website using this plugin. This is an easy to customize plugin that does not require any sort of coding to bring forth all the content that is marketable.

Coin Slider

You can show featured posts, images, thumbnails etc. using this coin slider plugin on your wordpress based website. You can customize the slider for auto rotate which is an interactive feature for WordPress websites. Activate this plugin, add a single line of code and get started with this plugin.

So, now you know which plugins to use when you are ready to promote your content! Use them and enjoy a brilliant experience while content marketing.


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Juned Ghanchi is a passionate software consultant from last 5 years and currently working for as senior IT consultant leading web and mobile application development company in India and USA.

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