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css booksThese CSS books are best source of tips, tricks both for beginners and advanced useCSS books Best ofrs. CSS books contain plenty of useful information on web standards, lean semantic CSS mark up and style, modern best practices and techniques, creative and cutting edge use of CSS. Some CSS books provide step by step solutions or describe the proper website development process to unleash your creativity and push your boundaries. You’ll learn a lot of practical CSS solutions as well: how to create complex and attractive navigation bars, create effective photo galleries and special effects, including drop shadows, get up to speed on CSS 3 properties.

Designing with Web Standards (2nd Edition)

designing with web standardsDesigning with Web Standards book explains how designers can best use standards–primarily XHTML and CSS, plus ECMAScript and the standard Document Object Model (DOM)–to increase their personal productivity and maximize the availability of their creations. Designing with Web Standards book includes lots of explicit and tightly focused tips (with code) that have to do with bamboozling non-compliant browsers into behaving as they should, without tripping up more compliant browsers. There’s lots of coverage of design and testing tools that can aid in the creation of good-looking, standards-abiding documents.


Web Standards Solutions: The Markup and Style Handbook

web standarts solutionsWeb Standards Solutions: The Markup and Style Handbook is your essential guide to understanding the advantages you can bring to your web pages by implementing web standards (specifications enforced by the World Wide Web Consortium, W3C) and precisely how to apply them. You’ll learn about multi-column layouts, using image replacement techniques to your best advantage, making the best use of tables and lists, and many more. Web Standards Solutions: The Markup and Style Handbook has solutions style with work-through examples and assessments.



Build Your Own Website the Right Way Using HTML & CSS

build website css bookThis book teaches web design from scratch, without assuming any previous knowledge of HTML, CSS or web development techniques. You can follow step-by-step tutorials to build a fully functional web site from the ground up. This book concentrates on modern, best-practice techniques from the very beginning, which means you’ll get it right the first time. The web sites you’ll build will look good and render correctly on any platform and any browser, your sites will be fast loading. By the end of the book, you’ll be equipped with enough knowledge to set out on your first web design projects or create attractive, functional, usable and accessible sites for personal use.

Web Standards Creativity: Innovations in Web Design with XHTML, CSS, and DOM Scripting

web standards creativityThis book will show you how to strive to push the boundaries of your medium, unleashing your creativity in new ways to make your websites more engaging and attractive to behold, while still maintaining cross-browser support, standards compliance, and accessibility. In this book ten of the world’s most talented web designers will share their secrets of cutting-edge XHTML, CSS, and DOM scripting techniques. Web Standards Creativity is jam-packed with fresh, innovative design ideas. The topics range from essential CSS typography and grid design, effective styling for CMS-driven sites, and astonishing PNG transparency techniques, to DOM scripting magic for creating layouts that change depending on browser resolution and user preference, and better print layouts for web pages.

Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to (X)HTML, StyleSheets, and Web Graphics

learning web designBy the end of the book, you’ll go through the entire site development process. You’ll have the skills to create multi-column CSS layouts with optimized graphic files, and you’ll know how to get your pages up on the Web including hosting, domain names, and FTP. This book teaches you how to build web sites according to modern design practices and professional standards. Topics covered are: how to create a simple (X)HTML page, how to add links and images, everything you need to know about web standards — (X)HTML, DTDs, CSS – formatting text, colors and backgrounds, using the box model, page layout, all about web graphics, and how to make them lean and mean through optimization.

Bulletproof Web Design: Improving flexibility and protecting against worst-case scenarios with XHTML and CSS (2nd Edition)

Bulletproof Web Design book outlines standards-based strategies for building designs that provide flexibility, readability, and user control. Each chapter starts out with an example of an unbulletproof site one that employs a traditional HTML-based approach which is then deconstructed, pointed out its limitations. Then the site gets a make-over using XHTML and CSS, so you can see how to replace bloated code with lean markup and CSS for fast-loading sites that are accessible to all users. Finally, Bulletproof Web Design book covers several popular fluid and elastic-width layout techniques and pieces together all of the page components discussed in prior chapters into a single-page template.

CSS: The Misbulletproof web designcss the missing manualsing Manual

CSS: The Missing Manual book contains almost 500 pages of CSS help, with more than 100 pages of practical tutorials to guide you through the process of implementing and refining CSS to save you many a wasted hour. You’ll learn how to create HTML that’s simpler, uses less code, is search-engine friendly, and works well with CSS, style text by changing fonts, colors, font sizes, and adding borders, turn simple HTML links into complex and attractive navigation bars – complete with rollover effects, create effective photo galleries and special effects, including drop shadows, get up to speed on CSS 3 properties that work in the latest browser versions.

The Ultimate CSS Reference

ultimate css referenceThis book is a complete and thorough and up-to-date reference guide for CSS. CSS: The Ultimate Reference includes all the ins-and-outs you need to know including compatibility information for all major browsers, lists of useful hacks, known bugs in CSS, and much more – all presented in a beautiful, full color layout. Coverage includes: CSS 2.1 syntax and specifications, including features from current CSS 3 working drafts that are implemented in one or more major browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera), and useful browser-specific features, a clear and concise guide to the CSS cascade, including compatibility information, known bugs and useful CSS hacks.

The Zen of CSS Design: Visual Enlightenment for the Web

zen of css designThis inspiring book uses examples from the landmark CSS Zen Garden site as the foundation for discussions on how to create beautiful, progressive CSS-based Web sites. Authors provide an eye-opening look at the range of design methods made possible by CSS. By the time you’ve finished the book, you’ll have a new understanding of the graphically rich, fully accessible sites that CSS design facilitates. In sections on design, layout, imagery, typography, effects, and themes, authors take you through every phase of the design process–from striking a sensible balance between text and graphics to creating eye-popping special effects (no scripting required).

CSS Cookbook, 3rd Edition (Animal Guide)

css cookbookThis cookbook provides you with hundreds of practical examples for using CSS to format your web pages, complete with code recipes you can use in your projects right away. With CSS Cookbook, you’ll go beyond theory to solve real problems, from determining which aspects of CSS meet the specific needs of your site to methods for resolving differences in the way browsers (Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft’s IE 8, and Mozilla’s Firefox 3) display it. This book has recipes for CSS rule structure, web typography and page layout, image effects and page elements, formatting lists, forms, and tables, effective web navigation and custom links, troubleshooting techniques, hacks, and workarounds.

The Art & Science of CSS

art and science of cssThe Art & Science of CSS brings together a talented collection of designers who will show you how to take the building blocks of your web site’s design (such as headings, navigation, forms, and more) and bring them to life with fully standards-compliant CSS. This full color book helps you to design web sites that not only work well across all browsers, are easy to maintain, and are highly accessible, but are also visually stunning. This book will help you to create truly attention-grabbing headings, use multiple ways to present images effectively, use background images to give your site zest, build usable and attractive navigation, design forms that are stylish and functional.


Pro CSS and HTML Design Patterns

pro css and html design patternsPro CSS and HTML Design Patterns is a reference book with 350 ready to use patterns (CSS and XHTML code snippets) you can copy and paste into your code. Each pattern can be combined with other patterns to create an unlimited number of solutions. Each pattern works reliably in all major browsers without the need for browser hacks. The book shows how to turn HTML into XHTML, use CSS Selectors, use six CSS Box Models, create rounded corners, shadows, gradients, sprites, and transparency, replace text with images without affecting accessibility, style text with fonts, highlights, decorations, and shadows, create flexible, fluid layouts, position elements with absolute pixel precision and more.


CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions

css mastery bookThis book covers advanced CSS techniques, and includes are all the techniques you need to master CSS and craft modern, standards-compliant web page designs. The book starts off by introducing the elements of an effective CSS toolkit, including good working practices, the cascade, the box model, relative and absolute positioning, floating, and more. It also delves into advanced techniques like replacing images, styling links and lists, creating navigation menus, making forms look good, debugging and overcoming browser quirks, and hacking and filtering. The book is rounded off with two case studies to give you inspiration for your own designs.


The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks

css anthology bookThe CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks is a compilation of best practice solutions to the most challenging CSS problems. It’s the most complete question-and-answer book on CSS, with over 100 tutorials that’ll show you how to gain more control over the appearance of your web page, create sophisticated Web page navigation controls, design for today’s alternative browsing devices including phones and screen readers, and much more. The CSS code used to create each of the components is available for download and guaranteed to be simple, efficient and cross-browser compatible. The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks is ideal for Web designers who would like to add sparkle to their existing designs, as well as newcomers who want to become true CSS masters.

CSS Artistry: A Web Design Master Class (full-color Transcending CSS book and 2 1/2-hour DVD)

css artistryThe book and workshop DVD-ROM deliver the ultimate CSS learning experience for intermediate to advanced Web designers looking to create beautiful and accessible designs. Inside you’ll find: proven techniques for creating inspiring designs that use lean, semantic markup and CSS, numerous examples that use a visual approach to explain coding techniques, the latest advances in Web design, including the emerging CSS3 specification, a new design workflow for building successful prototypes and effective grids that works well for all team members, instruction on advanced topics including typography, microformats, advanced CSS selectors, CSS3 modules, and layout techniques that employ floats, positioning, and margins.

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