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what's newThere are a number of changes and new features on which could be of value to you, our loyal reader and subscriber. Check out this post for news on guest posts, Facebook page, Twitter profile, advertising options, sharing widgets and coming soon features. We’re eager to hear your feedback, so leave a comment on how to make even better. What kind of content do you want to see here more often? What features the site is missing to get better?

Guest posts
You’ll see a number of guest posts within next few weeks. We hope many more are coming from you, our reader. Check out Guest Post guidelines for details. will be happy to publish your guest post.

Brand new Facebook page
Now you can become a fan of on Facebook. We plan to post on Facebook regular updates, hear your feedback and interact with you. It’s also a good way to read updates on your favorite social network.

Twitter profile redesign
We’re updated the design of Twitter profile to better reflect style of the website. If you’re still not a follower of on Twitter, then follow us now. We’re posting on Twitter a lot of links to interesting content which is not published here.

Better Advertising
Automatic Google ads on are being replaced with manually selected and approved advertising. If you buy services or products advertised here you’re helping to provide you more of quality content.

Sharing is your donation
We’re added a number of widgets (Addthis widget at the end of each post and Meebo bar with drag to share option) to help you spread the word about interesting content on Your support is very important for us.

Coming soon
Many more interesting content and site features are coming. To name a few, ‘Best of’ section with the most popular and quality content, better commenting features to make commenting more fun.

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