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Trust and Credibility Are the 2 Stalwarts of a WordPress Website

Every business is bothered about only one thing day in and day out, as to how to rope in more clients and increase the cash flow. But such questions have never been easy to answer even for the most expert of the advisors which companies hire to find solutions. Many businesses are still under the impression that creating a website and making it online is the end of the story and people will just drop by the site anytime to say hi or buy products by default. This is something which never happens even if you might have the best looking site in the world. With millions of websites existing on the internet it becomes very difficult for a particular website to attract user attention and convince a user to do business with it. What matters most is that what message a website is conveying to the user or intends to convey. While browsing the net readers will come across many articles which stress the need to have relevant content on a website and how important content is for wooing consumers and converting a visitor into a customer.



Content of a website consists of a lot of elements which includes written text, images and videos which are relevant to the website. Although every part of content be it images , videos or text plays an important role in appeasing the user and convincing him, but text or written content is the utmost factor in influencing users.  The tone of text, what it wants to say and how? And that too in the shortest possible words is important for the success of a website. The written content should be able to evoke user trust in order to gain the user confidence. The bottom line is that if a user does not trust you, he will never do business with your site and provide his patron ship to some other site.

Trust and credibility are heavy words and highly significant in the context of your website. Let us look at a few ways by which you’re content can win the hearts of users in no time and achieve their trust and credibility which otherwise could take years to achieve.

Testimonials from Clients

Clients are always apprehensive about the gap that could exist between promises you might make and what you might deliver. It’s you job to convince them, but how? As they will not take your word for it and it would be like blowing your own trumpet. So who will the client believe? The obvious answer is you’re other clients. It is only the unbiased opinions that matter and not the biased one’s. There is no greater testimony for your product or service than a satisfied client who stands by you.

Displaying goods user reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers goes a long way in convincing people and encouraging them to give you business. It should be a must adopted practice for your WordPress website. You can display user testimonials on either the Home page, about-us page or better still create a whole new testimonial’s page for your website. After all there are no applicable charges for creating an extra page with WordPress.

There is however a word of caution for you, that while displaying the testimonial content make sure that it is completely genuine and acquired from real satisfied customers and not fabricated. Remember that there is nothing worse than breach of trust. A happy customer will be more than happy to provide you with an alibi without charging you for it. All you need to do is to ask. Adding photos along with names of happy clients makes the testimonials even more rock solid and believable.

The taskforce behind your business

No business can do without a talented and closely knit team or task force. These are the men and women who work behind the scenes and are responsible for collaborating and completing a project in the stipulated time frame. If you are involved with the business related to mobile applications and web designing then you will realize how important team work becomes for such projects where each individual contributes to the project with his sphere of knowledge.

Your website should introduce your team to the users. A photograph is always good to go with the team bio which the users can identify with and remember. Knowing your team boosts the client’s confidence and once someone from the team will call the client he will identify and associate the voice with the picture he has already seen on your website. It adds a personal touch and improves the bonding between the business and clients.

Displaying Client Logos

All successful business websites do it and so should you. It is always a great idea to display company logos of clients whom you have worked with. This boost credibility and trust both as a client will never allow your site to use and display his logo if he is dissatisfied with your work.

These client logos give a confirmation that you have handled big projects and worked with industry leaders with a high profile. If a big brand can trust you then so can your new client. A logo of Microsoft on your website will speak volumes for the kind of work you are capable of doing.

To sum it all up, without these vital stalwarts namely Trust and Credibility your WordPress website does not even stand a chance of winning even a single client for you.


Author Bio:

Since 2010, Kristy Bernales has been working as a web designer at WebdesignXperts in Melbourne, Australia and has been awarded several times for being an industry leader and an inspiration for web designers. Catch up with her on Facebook or Twitter.

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