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Photoshop, Illustratorand Flash best tutorials

Best tutorialsBest tutorials on Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash I gathered in this post. Every graphic designer should have enough technical skills to implement own ideas and concepts. While some people still believe that to become a graphic designer you should start with deep knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash etc.,  in my opinion it’s now quite true. You could know software perfect but being still unable to produce something worth. The balance should be anyway. If you have creative state of mind, nothing stops you from your goal. Learning Photoshop and Illustrator gives you freedom as a graphic designer, but try to learn different software and different approaches since today is not enough just to know most powerful Adobe apps. There is a good saying that to become a good poet you should learn by heart all poetry and then forget it. So, do the tutorials but don’t try to copy even best tutorials in your future works.

Best Photoshop tutorials
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Pixel Groovy: user controlled tutorial directory
Pslover: more than 10,000 free Adobe Photoshop tutorials

Best Illustrator tutorials
Adobe Illustrator Tutorials – Best Of
Designer today Illustrator tutorials
Ndesign studio Illustrator tutorials

Best Flash Tutorials
Free video Flash tutorials
Flash and Actionscript tutorials Flash tutorials
Adobe Flash Tutorials – Best Of

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