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How To Use Twitter Better For Business

Twitter can be the amazing tool when it comes to social media marketing and building a great brand. The importance of twitter is often overlooked when it comes to business mostly because it seems complicated. On the contrary, it’s one of the most simple tool businesses can use to connect with their customers

Let’s jump to basics, shall we?

Twitter is a communication tool through which you can connect with people using short messages called “Tweets” up to 140 characters long which are only visible to people who subscribe you.

How to use it for business?

 Presenting your Brand.

Don’t get freaked out by jargon. Consider your business as a person. Now you have created an account and a profile for the same. You need to make it look attractive and interesting. Presenting a brand basically, will involve introducing your business to people.

Choose a nice username. Now be smart when it comes to choosing a name because people are going to recognize you by your name. The next step is to customize your profile. Give it your personal touch at the same time giving it a professional look. Set a profile picture (I would recommend a business logo)  and we are done.

 Building a concrete foundation

Well, you have a business, you have a story to tell. Your twitter profile says it all.  There is quite an array of features that let you tell people more about you and your business.

You can tell people where your business is located and add your website. One of the features you can’t afford to miss is “Bio”. You have 160 characters to tell people who you are, what you do and what your business seeks to achieve using “Bio”

 Follow people

Start following people. Keep your approach smart and be selective when you follow people. Make sure you do not follow people in one go, you don’t want to come out as a spammer, twitter has strict rules for that. You can follow your customers, clients, other businesses, competitors, people from your professional network, to start with.

 Create your online presence.

Start talking to people you follow, like their tweets or retweet them. The more you connect the more would be your presence. You need to be active on regular basis to make sure your business does not get lost among the crowd. Whenever you get the opportunity, DM your followers, people love it when they get personal attention.

Tweet frequently. Your tweet should have a unique value to offer. It can be related to product or service you offer or updates regarding your business.

 Drive traffic

You may own a blog or website. People interested in your business would like to know more about you. Make it easy for them by creating a tweet around a link.


Twitter is one of the best tools that can work wonders for your business when it comes to social media marketing. If use smartly, twitter can prove to be an indispensable resource. It’s all about marketing your business and connecting with people. If you are a beginner, you may have a hard time using it at a marketing tool, but don’t lose hope, you’ll get the results soon.

9 Tips – How to use Twitter for business


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