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How to use Dropbox as basic free web hosting

Dropbox can be used as basic free web hosting in addition to all other features it has. Considering Dropbox syncing option this free web hosting feature could be used for easy collaboration on wedesign mockups projects. You can also show webdesign work to your clients or put a temporary web page online quickly such as resume without any effort. So what you have to do to use Dropbox as web hosting? (If you need more serious commercial hosting check out this review of best cheap and reliable hosting.)

1. Create a new folder in Public folder of your Dropbox account (such as ‘website’)

2. Put content of your website into this folder. You can use CSS, HTML and Javascript as well as images (only static content, PHP and other scripts are not supported).

3. Click index.html and in address bar of your browser you’ll get your website url

4. You can use url shortener to make the url more attractive.

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2 thoughts on “How to use Dropbox as basic free web hosting”

  1. SSL says:

    I’m a user and a big fan of Dropbox. It’s incredibly easy to use and further more is fast. All files can be centrally obtained on the system with a simple log-in. There are archived histories of previous deleted and removed files too. I did try using an alternative; MESH before from Microsoft but found this service incredibly buggy and unreliable. Dropbox is a great tool for small and emerging businesses.

  2. Martin Lawrence says:

    What type of hosting package to take depends on the requirements of the client but as kim said many of the newbie’s get flawed by some unethical hosting provders who just over sell their clients to make profit

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