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How to make iPad portfolio

iPad portfolioiPad is great tool for showcasing your work: it has screen of outstanding quality, it’s highly portable and it’s fun to use. You can use iPad to showcase works from your portfolio as a photographer, designer, digital artist. There are several paid apps for iPad which helps you to make your portfolio but you can make it for free using default Photos app. In this post I’ll provide some tips on how to make your iPad portfolio more organized, better looking and save you time.

1. You can use portrait or landscape iPad mode to showcase your work horizontally or vertically. As an option you can create two versions of your portfolio.

2. iPad has 1024×768 pixels resolution, you might double resolution of your images to 2048×1536. So that you can zoom in without any problem to show any small detail if needed. This wil also make your portfolio future proof as the iPad 3 might get retina display which means double resolution of iPad.

3. To organize your portfolio, make main folder on your computer called Portfolio and then subfolders such as , for example, portraits, landscapes, studio, etc.

4. To upload your Portfolio from your Mac or PC to the iPad: open iTunes, select the device icon in the Devices list on the left, choose “Sync photos from”, select Choose Folder from the pop-up menu and choose your main image folder.

5. You can show images from your portfolio on iPad in manual mode or use slideshow mode which comes with choice of 5 transitions. You can also choose background music from your iTunes library or create a playlist.

6. For more control over presentation of your images you can eaither upload PDF file to iBooks app on your iPad or use Keynote for iPad app made by Apple (which I highly recommend if you ever need to make a real presentation using slides).

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