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How to make glossy magazine style skin in photo with Photoshop?


This is perfect tutorial to make photo in glossy magazine style to hide any skin blemishes and wrinkles.
It is a ‘Before’ shot. A pretty girl, with some skin blemishes.

Before shot glossy magazine skin
Step 1

After opening our image up in Photoshop, the first thing we will do is to use the Heal Brush to remove any obvious marks or blemishes. You can be as thorough as you like here, as the cleaner the skin is to start with, the better the results at the end. Use an appropriate brush size (quite small) in order to sample and brush away the blemishes without losing any important detail.
photo in glossy magazine style
Step 2

Once you are finished with the Heal Brush, duplicate the layer and apply the Dust and Scratches filter.

Filter > Noise > Dust & Scratches

For this example, I used a radius of 5 pixels and a threshold of 0. You can adjust these to suit your image as needed. The result you are looking for is a creamy blend of features, without too much banding.
photo in glossy magazine style
Step 3

The next filter we are going to use is the good old Gaussion Blur. This will remove any banding that might have occurred in the previous step, and give the whole image a creamier complexion.

Filter > Blur > Gaussion Blur

I used a radius of 2 for this example. Again, adjust as appropriate for each image.
photo in glossy magazine style
Step 4

The final step in preparing our model’s new complexion is to add some texture. We all know that human skin is not generally a creamy plastic looking substance, so by adding some noise we will give the process a more realistic look.

Filter > Noise > Add Noise

I used an amout of 0.7% noise, distributed uniformly with Monochromatic selected. As always, adjust to suit your image.
photo in glossy magazine style
Step 5

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11 thoughts on “How to make glossy magazine style skin in photo with Photoshop?”

  1. Jess says:

    Yeah i’ve been using this tutorial for months now and it used to have around 8 steps but i come back and they’ve gone missing! Why and who has taken them down???

  2. Hey says:

    Yeah… this tutorial is not finished… some important part is missing… please put it back….

  3. Rszed says:

    Hey who modify the whole thread?? i missed some important part… It was there few days ago!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Great tutorial! I can’t seem to get it to load the second half for some reason. I’ve seen it before, but can’t get back to it for referencing.

    Steve – when you have a new layer selected, look up at the pull-down menu (left of opacity) where it says “normal.” Click that and select “overlay.”

  5. Steve Michaels says:

    Hey there.

    Please help me with the overlay thing. I can’t seem to understand it at all. How do you overlay a new layer onto an existing layer??

  6. Jasmine says:

    i’ve been looking around everywhere, but i can’t find a tutorial that tells me how to change the layering mask from white to black, please help!?

  7. Ben says:

    Great tutorial, clear and concise with great images to help understand the tasks required, 10/10 cant wait to give this a go, cheers

  8. PATRiCK says:

    Nice one, got all my girls friends begging me to this on there pictures 😀

  9. custom tailor says:

    that is what i like.

  10. Michael Garmahis says:

    Choose the necessary layer In the Layers palette by clicking it and then holding Alt key click the icon with circle inside of rectangle.

  11. jessy says:

    is this photoshop cs2?

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