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Create fake HDR photo online with Create HDR

Create HDRYou can create fake HDR photo online for free. Create HDR is a new web service which make process of fake HDR photo creation from 1 JPG easy as pie. You can upload source photo from local computer, from Flickr or using any web URL. After upload (JPG format only, 6MB max) you have only two HDR settings to adjust and have some fun: Radius and Contrast. Click “Apply Changes” after you changed them to see the result. After you finish you have option to download full size HDR image or to save it to gallery for up to 12 hours.

Just now Create HDR is using one JPG to HDR conversion technique but they are promising to roll out Pro version soon. It will include more options, settings and will convert multiple images with various exposures into a single HDR.

Update: Create HDR is offline now. I will update this post if this or similar service will be available.

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3 thoughts on “Create fake HDR photo online with Create HDR”

  1. imgtoys says:

    I’m currently working on an online hdr tool. Anyone want to try the beta version (beware, it might be buggy 😉 hdr tool

  2. no hdr says:

    umm, as of august 23, 2009 – that site appears to be gone. where did it go?

  3. kathir says:

    i love HDR

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