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Convert photo into 3D model with Make3D

Convert photo into 3D modelMake3D is a simple online tool from Stanford University that automatically converts your single photo into a 3D model with very impressive results. Unlike Microsoft Photosynth which meshes many images together to create 3D models, Make3D use its algorithm to convert one photo into a quasi-3D image.

Make3D utilize a variety of visual signs that humans use for estimating the 3D aspects of a scene and creates a three-dimensional fly around model that includes depth and a range views. Photos can be uploaded directly or pulled into the site from Flickr. You should register to use this service. After processing your image, you can “fly” in the 3-D scene, or watch a rendered 3-d movie.

Make3D algorithm breaks the image up into tiny planes called “superpixels,” which have very uniform color, brightness and gradations of texture. By analyzing changes at a superpixel in comparison with its neighbors, the algorithm defines how far it is from the viewer and what its orientation in space is.

Unlike some previous algorithms, the Make3D algorithm can account for planes at any angle, not just horizontal or vertical. This allows it to create models for the curved branches of trees or the slopes of mountains. While the algorithm is rather impressive currently and does competitors in its accuracy and sharpness of image, it is still been improved.

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One thought on “Convert photo into 3D model with Make3D”

  1. Matthew Bibby says:

    Make3D looks amazing, thanks for the post.

    Unfortunately the following message is on the sign up page:

    (Temporarily DISABLED because of continuous xss attacks from spammers. Sorry if you were a genuine human.) (If you happen to be a genuine researcher, and have read atleast one of the Make3D papers, then I can enable login for you.)

    Time to go and read some research papers!

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