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Content aware Photoshop CS5 tutorial

Content aware fill is a necontent aware photoshop cs5w feature which first appeared in Photoshop CS5. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use content aware fill to remove large objects from photos using Edit-Fill command and how to use Spot healing brush in content aware mode to fix scratches, blemishes and other small imperfections in your photos. Content aware fill will save you a lot time; in several minutes using Photoshop CS5 you can get better results with Content aware fill than spending hours of work using old tools. This is the first tutorial in the series of tutorials (check out also HDR Photoshop CS5 tutorial) focused on Photoshop CS5 new features.

Content aware fill

Content Aware automatically samples from around the retouched area and compares nearby image content to seamlessly fill the selection. Let’s start by removing tourists which really spoil otherwise beautiful ocean picture.

  1. Select the object you want to remove from photo using a quick lasso or marquee selection tool. To get better results, your selection should not be tight around the object but slightly extended into the background.content aware selection
  2. Choose Edit -> Fill (keyboard shortcut Shift + Backspace) and from the Use menu, select Content-Aware. It fills the selection with similar image content nearby.

content aware fill

Tips: Content-aware tool randomly synthesize similar image content so if you are not happy about the result, Undo it and try again.

For better results, start from the right side of the image and then move left if you have several objects to remove.

Content aware before

content aware before

Content aware after

content aware after

Spot Healing Brush using Content aware

Sport Healing Brush can also be used in Content aware mode. This is best used to remove small objects, scratches, blemishes and other unwanted details in your photos. If you previously worked with Spot Healing Brush you shouldn’t have any problems using content aware type.

    1. Select the Spot Healing Brush tool from the toolbox (J shortcut).
    2. Choose a brush size in the options bar, set it slightly larger than the area you want to fix.
    3. Set a Type option in the options bar to Content Aware.

spot healing content aware

  1. Select Sample All Layers in the options bar to sample data from all visible layers.
  2. Click the area you want to fix.

Tip: if you have lines or lengthy imperfections to remove, click often, change brush size according to the size of the objects and you’ll get better results.

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