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HDR Photoshop CS5 tutorial

This HDR Photoshop tutorial covers improvements and new features related to HDR photo processing in Photoshop CS5. Improved HDR workflow in Photoshop CS 5 is called HDR Pro. HDR pro provides extended controls over the HDR merging process, improved image processing and tone mapping adjustments.

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Content aware Photoshop CS5 tutorial

Content aware fill is a new feature which first appeared in Photoshop CS5. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use content aware fill to remove large objects from photos using Edit-Fill command and how to use Spot healing brush in content aware mode to

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Avatar movie Photoshop tutorial

In this Avatar movie Photoshop tutorial you’re going to learn how to merge human face and face of blue Na’vi humanoid Neytiri from the famous Avatar movie. We’ll take Angelina Jolie photo and we’ll see how she would look like as Na’vi in Avatar. This

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Realistic HDR photography Photoshop tutorial

In this HDR Photoshop tutorial you’ll learn how to make realistic looking HDR photo. Instead of Merge to HDR command used in many other Photoshop tutorials this one is about exposure blending through layers and masks. The aim was to avoid manual work and make

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Top 50 Christmas Photoshop Tutorials

Top Christmas Photoshop tutorials are here to inspire and teach you how to design in Photoshop Christmas trees, Christmas candles, Christmas balls, snow globes, snowflakes and much more. You’ll also learn how to draw Christmas illustrations, create a Christmas website template or replace old icons