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How to Make a Flash Website with Wix for Free

A step-by-step guide on how to make your own customized Flash website with Wix’ free website builder. Whether you are a business owner or an artist, a non-profit organization or a wedding photographer, Wix has all you need to get a stunning site online, from

16 excellent digital painting tutorials

Digital painting is an emerging art form in which the artist uses different painting techniques to create the digital painting directly on the computer. More and more digital artists are rising, even though there are people who still don’t appreciate this art at its full

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Top wedding photography tutorials and tips

A collection of the best wedding photography tutorials and tips on the web, focusing on ways to improve your wedding photography and tips for beginners. These tutorials and tips can help anyone who is in the wedding photography business or looking into it. Everyone has

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Duotone and tritone effect Photoshop tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to make duotone and tritone images in Photoshop. As you can guess two colors are used to create duotone photos and three to create tritones. From the artistic perspective, duotone helps to focus attention on shape, form and texture of

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Top 20 Illustrator food and beverages tutorials

A collection of the best tutorials released across the web, demonstrating how to craft different types of delicious-looking goodies using Adobe Illustrator or/and Adobe Photoshop, step by step. These tutorials will teach you different vector illustration techniques and make your tummy rumble at the same

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Top 20 Gimp video tutorials

Best Gimp video tutorials have been included in this review. Gimp video tutorials are selected in three categories: basics, intermediate and advanced. Following these Gimp video tutorials you’ll learn how to remove red yes and retouch portrait photos, how to create animated banner and use

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Illustrator Logo Design Tutorials

These Illustrator design tutorials cover all aspect of making logo in Illustrator from conception to completion. Adobe Illustrator is the best software to design a logo because it creates a vector file which is easily scalable to any dimension. You can also export logo image

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Joel Grimes look Photoshop tutorial

Joel Grimes is an advertising photographer who is well known for his photography look with maximum drama and tension. We started to work on Grimes look Photoshop tutorial as soon as one of readers requested it (you can do it too by leaving comments