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Top 10 free website uptime monitoring services

It’s crucial for a website to experience minimal downtime (and for site owner to monitor uptime), otherwise visitors or customers won’t return again if the site is always offline and inaccessible. Sometimes it happens that websites are going down even if you have a very

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4 Online favicon tools

Bradicon is a simple web tool to quickly convert images in popular graphics formats – JPG, PNG, BMP, or GIF- into an ICO (icon) file online. You can download the results afterwards. Bradicon has a wider file range than similar tool ConvertIcon and more user-friendly two-step

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Convert photo into 3D model with Make3D

Make3D is a simple online tool from Stanford University that automatically converts your single photo into a 3D model with very impressive results. Unlike Microsoft Photosynth which meshes many images together to create 3D models, Make3D use its algorithm to convert one photo into a