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Top 10 iPhone Photo Apps

Since the introduction of the Apple iStore, the iPhone has become a much more valuable commodity than just a simple phone. It is a device with which users can organise their lives, network with friends and store precious memories in the form of photographs. With

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Tripod Flexibility in the Outdoors

Cameras with inbuilt image stabilizers are increasing effective, but for optimum stability and noise prevention one needs a good tripod. My first tripod cost me thirty dollars. Needless to say, it was secondhand and fell apart during its second run. I later opted for a

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Top 20 Photography Books

A very powerful camera would be useless if the photographer lacks knowledge, skills and experience in photography. A well versed photographer can convey message on their photographs and depict emotion on their subjects – that depends on the skill, knowledge and experience of the photographer.

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Top cloud hosting providers

Cloud hosting is a great choice for web projects which experience traffic spikes or are growing very fast. In comparison with traditional hosting, cloud hosting provides greater scalability, security and reliability. You can obtain additional cloud hosting resources in the matter of minutes if you


99 Designs review

99 Designs is an increasingly popular design contest website and #1 marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design services. In 2010 99 Designs was awarded Webby People’s Voice Award for Best Web Service & Application of the year. 99 Designs has hosted more than 75,000 designs already


Topaz Lens Effects review

Topaz Lens Effects is a new Photoshop plugin from Topaz Labs. It can easily simulate a wide range of realistic lens, filter & specialty camera effects. Within minutes you can create very realistic effects from a list of 18 popular options, including bokeh, vignette, motion,

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5 must have lenses for photographers

If you stand in a field, focus on a tree half an acre away, and slowly walk forward, thinking of your focal point, adjusting your settings, stopping at intervals to take a series of photographs, effectively covering your depth of field, you’ll only need one