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Top 20 Gimp video tutorials

Best Gimp video tutorials have been included in this review. Gimp video tutorials are selected in three categories: basics, intermediate and advanced. Following these Gimp video tutorials you’ll learn how to remove red yes and retouch portrait photos, how to create animated banner and use

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Best Illustrator books

Best Illustrator books in this review will help you to master standard of vector software from Adobe. These books feature tons of useful tips, tricks and techniques to use Illustrator in a real world projects. You will not just learn all the new features of

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Christmas photography tips

Spend some minutes to check out these Christmas photography tips and ideas even if you’re busy shopping for Christmas gifts, sending Christmas cards or decorating your houses and Christmas trees. Christmas Photography tips will help you to take better photos this holiday. While there are

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20 cool gadgets gift ideas

We picked best gadgets gift ideas for this post. Cool gadgets in this review are different in price and purpose. They include cameras, laptops, phones and many others. You can find a gift idea in this list for everyone among your friends, family and kids.

Business Cards Giveaway from Next Day Flyers

Next Day Flyers is giving away 250 full color business cards to the lucky reader. If you haven’t updated your business cards for a while, then this giveaway is perfect for you. If you don’t use business cards, you can use your prize to

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How to turn glossy screen into non-glare matte

How to turn your glossy laptop screen into matte and what pitfalls you should avoid? Since you bought a laptop or IPad with a glossy screen, you discovered that though glossy screen looks gorgeous on the store shelf but it’s not very practical when you

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Topaz InFocus Review

Topaz InFocus is a new Photoshop plugin from Topaz Labs for restoring sharpness and clarity of blurred or shaken images. Now with Topaz InFocus you can rescue blurred photo which you would delete before without second guess because it was impossible to fix it. Unlike