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Top 10 mobile WordPress plugins

Mobile WordPress plugins provide you access to mobile version of WordPress admin area, optimize your content and design to be easier accessible on mobile devices making your mobile site version load faster and be easier to read and navigate. There’s also number of plugins which

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15 Halloween Photography Tips

Halloween is difficult to shoot because most of the photos will be taken after the dark in low lighting conditions. In low light is quite difficult to get a sharp shot. With the Halloween just around the corner we put together quick tips to make

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How to make iPad portfolio

iPad is great tool for showcasing your work: it has screen of outstanding quality, it’s highly portable and it’s fun to use. You can use iPad to showcase works from your portfolio as a photographer, designer, digital artist. There are several paid apps for iPad

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Topaz B&W Effects Review

Topaz B&W Effects is a new black and white conversion and enhancement Photoshop plug-in from Topaz Labs. The developers used real film scans to accurately simulate the look and feel of historic black and white film. In addition to highly accurate traditional black and whites,

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Top cloud hosting providers

Cloud hosting is a great choice for web projects which experience traffic spikes or are growing very fast. In comparison with traditional hosting, cloud hosting provides greater scalability, security and reliability. You can obtain additional cloud hosting resources in the matter of minutes if you

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Imagenomic Portraiture review

Portraiture is a Photoshop plugin which helps you to retouch portraits quickly and efficiently. Imagenomic Portraiture saves you a lot of time because you no longer need to spend hours on selective masking and tedious use of multiple Photoshop tools. Portraiture smoothens the skin and