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Advanced & Fully Responsive Coming Soon Templates 2018

With the current advancement in technology, almost everything has gone online and smart businesses have now understood the importance of showcasing their products online. As a result, many businesses are planning to create an online website to display their varied products and services. But, in this competitive era, it is a hard decision to select the right templates that will meet your requirements as per your needs. Here, coming soon templates come in handy. With the help of coming soon templates, you can easily keep your website intact or begin the hype for something new sooner. These templates can be highly beneficial at the time of redesigning your current site or launching a completely new online project.

Using these coming soon templates helps you keep the viewers aware of your existence and provide them the information of you going live. With an ultimate countdown timer, you can design awesome coming soon and under construction pages and get the enthusiasm going.

If you already have a good amount of traffic to your site, then you will surely not want to miss new visitors due to the maintenance of the site. With this point in mind, it is sensible for site owners to introduce a subscription box to the coming soon page. This will help you in not only providing them the information about when your site is ready for launch but you can also make use of their emails for marketing. Just because your site is down at the moment, it does not imply that all the traffic is lost.

For your latest online projects, you can make use of coming soon pages to inform your users as to what they can expect from your work. It is an ultimate approach to get them intrigued and point the date to ensure that they do not miss it. Create buzz for new establishment beforehand and gain popularity without a product. With a foolproof plan, you can begin to get growing leads with nothing but a coming soon page.

A small investment will help you to keep your website alive even at the time of construction and keep guests electrified. In this article, we are showing a great collection of coming soon pages that are being discussed in detail.

Let’s have a glimpse:

1) Marshall

Marshall is an ultimate coming soon and under construction HTML template that comes with outstanding attention to detail. No matter it is a coming soon page, it should not be boring and dull. Design something outstanding and people will get even more excited as to what is coming on their way. You get the benefit of selecting from an array of pages like bookstore, app, gym and many others.

The coming soon template is built on Bootstrap Framework that is fully responsive and easy to customize. You also require Instagram feed installed into the template in order to show everyone how social you are. In addition to this, Marshall also comes with MailChimp subscription form and several more cool goodies. In short, Marshall is definitely an impressive coming soon html website template.

2) Selene

Selene is a clean and beautiful template which takes care of your coming soon pages in almost every field. No matter you own a business or you are a freelancer, you can easily build a coming soon page with Selene. You get the benefit of selecting between six color skins, three backgrounds or take advantage from the countdown timer. You have numerous options but you can always make your own improvements and give a personal feel to it.

With Selene, you can easily announce when you are planning to launch or re-launch a new page. It is basically a one-page template which shortly tells about what they can expect from you with a choice to subscribe to your newsletter. Link it with your social media accounts and let guests check what you are doing on a regular basis.

3) Kounter

Kounter is basically a counter page template with a K. It is a well-designed coming soon template that is handy enough for corporate business, agencies, ecommerce or any other innovative people. Whether you are redesigning your present page, adding the latest features to it or bringing totally fresh product, then you can make use of a coming soon page to fill the “we are under construction” gap.

Kounter template comes with twenty background styles or various countdown layouts. Because of the Kounter’s clean code and documentation, you will not face any kind of issues in performing tweaks or alter it to your liking.

4) Axio

A coming soon page can also be beautiful and amazing and all you require is to choose the right template. Axio is one of the perfect coming soon template that comes with five fancy color skins, twenty demos, and numerous features. This template is designed in a way that it sorts out all your coming soon and under construction pages with utmost ease.
5) Advent

Fix a platform for recording the advances at the onset of your adventures. Feel complete freedom with this fully responsive coming soon template designed with a neat and clean appearance. Advent is a highly user-friendly customizable template with an easy layout for giving you the milestone to your next journey. Its flexible nature makes it simpler to use and ensure that you overcome the obstacle of preparation.

Major Traits of Advent

 Fully responsive.
 jQuery countdown timer.
 Google Maps API.
 Social Media Profile support.
 One page complete layout.


LUXURY is an ultimate one-page coming soon template that can easily adapt to your needs and requirements. You can make use of YouTube as image slideshow, background and single image. Apart from this, this template also comes loaded with distinct animations like star, rain, snow or kenburn.

LUXURY is an ultimate personalization template that comes laced with contact forms and newsletter, 3D parallax background and a timer. Google Fonts, MailChimp integration, and font awesome are some of the major features that LUXURY treats you with. Just like any other coming soon template, LUXURY enables you to work on your project without any hassle and also analyze your coming soon page.

In A Nutshell

To sum up, this is the perfect list where we have displayed best-in-class HTML5 and responsive coming soon templates that are sure to meet your business requisites. Seeing the current usage of smartphones and other gadgets, it has become vital for businesses to use responsive templates in order to reach to their prospective audiences. In case you are not familiar with HTML5, then these templates may be tricky to configure and set up. Fortunately, we have been able to cover some of the interesting coming soon and under construction templates for WordPress. If you feel we have missed out any point, then feel free to share your views in the comment section below.

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Jean Turner is an expert developer at theem’on. She is having expertise in designing coming soon templates as per the requirements of the clients. Owing to a great skill set and proficiency in this domain, she has achieved fruitful results till now. In addition to this, she also likes sharing knowledge on premium responsive WordPress themes and templates. This blog is one of his ultimate and well-written composition aimed at delivering useful knowledge to readers.

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