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Adobe Creative Suite 4 is far from meeting user expectations?

Adobe Creative Suite 4Adobe Creative Suite 4 will be shipped by Adobe in a month to its customers. This time Adobe developers require to fine tune and polish as much as they can some of the applications of Creative Suite 4 packages, ranging in price from $999 to $2499. How close this major Adobe release is to meet user expectations? Which amazing features it contains which are worth to upgrade?

Most of users of Adobe Creative Suite 3 is still complaining about number of unfixed bugs and desperately ask Adobe to fix it at least. There is no one even sure that Adobe will get rid of these bugs even in this brand new version of its Creative Suite package. While fixing bugs is obviously doesn’t dramatically increase the product sale, it plays a big role in company and product reputation as soon as word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools. And if you don’t pay attention to your users your product could completely fail as it happened with Microsoft and Windows Vista.

Adobe as well as other huge corporations doesn’t care a lot about its customers unlike small software developers who plan strategy of new releases based on feedback and request of users. It’s enough to google for Adobe CS3 error and you discover tons of complains from frustrated users who ruined hours of their work and wasted a large amount of their time trying to workaround one of the bugs which Adobe should take care of as a top priority.

I am completely sure that for the most of Adobe users stability and reliability of Creative Suite applications are more important than some of the new features. Straightforward, simple and fast product workflow without need to workaround now and then would be great. But People at Adobe are smart enough to guide their users in direction needed by Adobe marketing department not community. Because marketing department sure will use these new feature in advertising and increasing sales and who cares about users’ loyalty if you spend millions on advertising.

Obviously there are huge number of features and improvements which are requested years ago, Top 100 Gripedesperately needed by most users and not implemented yet. Have a look at s on How to disable/turn off Adobe updater is on the most popular posts on this blog. It’s ridiculous to put new product every 18 month on the market if the bugs in the previous one are not fixed. Users have paid their money and Adobe Creative Suite is not that cheap. Looks like Adobe developers just can’t implement perfectly new features and fix bugs on time constantly pushing by sales and marketing. Maybe they just don’t have time to hear their users?

Here are the most significant improvements and new features which Adobe announced in its Creative Suite 4 applications.

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One thought on “Adobe Creative Suite 4 is far from meeting user expectations?”

  1. Rick Littrell says:

    I disagree with you about the lack of attention that Adobe has towards user feedback. I personally know several in the organization that listen intently to what users have to say. That said, building software as complex as CS4 does create the opportunity for “unwanted features” (that some would call bugs. It happens, and as a software developer in past lives, you list them all, then put a priority on them (after you can replicate them in r&d, which is not always possible), then determine what it would take to fix and is it worth it. The reality is…NO SOFTWARE IS PERFECT, and NO developer does everything that is requested. Just not possible or practical. I think they did a good job, without my having hands on experience with the next version. Only when I do get that chance, will I be able to discuss stability of product and value of final functionality.

    Thanks for taking the time to post your blog and I look forward to meeting you sometime on my next trip to Toronto.

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